Best PSVR2 Launch Games

Best PSVR2 Launch Games – Ranking The PSVR2’s Launch Line-Up

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Vr as a gaming medium has been given some unhelpful, but not completely unwarranted descriptions over the years. The medium has been largely seen as a closed shop for fanatics with more money than sense. It has also been coined as a medium that is still in its infancy and not worth the price of admission. Then there are those that have completely written it off as a fad along the same lines as the motion peripherals like the Wii, Playstation Move, and Xbox Kinect.

As I said, these negative assumptions aren’t without merit, but in a fast-growing space like the VR market, you would be a fool to hold these opinions for a long time without popping your head back in to check on things, and now is the time to do that. The PSVR2 has arrived and may be the gateway console that finally pushes VR into the hands of the mainstream gaming Populus.

Not only has the PSVR2 upped the specs on the previous PSVR console and cut down on all the wires and the hassle needed to jump into immersive VR experiences. It has also launched with a pretty healthy line-up of launch titles that aim to keep new and veteran VR fans busy while devs learn how to produce awesome titles for this new piece of hardware.

Some games are brand-spanking new, whereas others are updated versions of older titles on PSVR and other VR systems. Coming together to offer a very respectable and eye-catching group of titles. However, with the abundance of options comes an issue. What do you choose to play?

That’s where I come in. I have taken the time to play each and every game on the PSVR2 library and have ranked each and every one of the games available. This will allow you guys to spend your money wisely and only commit to the VR experiences that highlight the brilliance of the new PSVR2.

So without further delay, let’s map out our playing space, slip the headset on and get going. This is Ready VR One’s Best PSVR2 Launch Games ranked list!

Selection Criteria

Now, as I said, I will be listing all the launch titles available with no exceptions. However, you may be wondering what factors will help me discern a low-ranking launch title from the cream of the crop.

Well, allow me to do what I never bothered to do in maths exams, and show you my working:

  • I will be assessing the game’s originality, with brand-new experiences earning extra points
  • I will be assessing the game’s overall quality (Gameplay, Visuals, Story, Replayability, etc.)
  • Extra credit goes to the games that make the most of the new hardware
  • Price will factor into the decision (Based on launch RRP)
  • All 49 Launch Games will be included. No upcoming games will be considered.

Okay, enough admin, let’s dive in, shall we?

The Low-Ranking PSVR2 Launch TitlesVR Headset Boy Gaming PSVR2

Instead of loading this article to the brim with entries, I’m going to give the lowest-ranked launch titles as answers on a postcard, allowing the top-tier entries to shine brightest.

That doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore these games, but I would say maybe it’s best not to give them a priority. Here is everything that falls outside the top thirty:

  • #49 – Cactus Cowboy: Plants at War
  • #48 – Awesome Astroids
  • #47 -2MD VR Football
  • #46 – Altair Breaker
  • #45 – Runner
  • #44 – What The Bat
  • #43 – The Tale of Onogoro
  • #42 – Kizuna AI: Touch The Beat
  • #41 – Les Mills Body Combat
  • #40 – Puzzling Places
  • #39 – Air Guitar Unplugged
  • #38 – Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate
  • #37 – Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending
  • #36 – NFL Pro Era
  • #35 – Fantavision 202X
  • #34 – Swordsman VR
  • #33 – Cities Skylines VR
  • #32 – Ragnarock
  • #31 – Vacation Simulator

The Best PSVR Launch Titles Ranked

#30 – Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Narrative-driven
  • Developer: Goodbye World Games

We begin with a game that isn’t too far removed from a walking simulator, but equally feels like it was custom-made for VR. Before Your Eyes is a narrative-driven title that has you see through the eyes of the protagonist at various stages of their life, and you control progression through literally blinking. They say life is gone in the blink of an eye, and this superb title takes that saying quite literally.

#29 – Townsmen VR

Townsmen VR PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: World Builder
  • Developer: Handy Games

I feel like this was the kind of thing that Peter Molyneux was dreaming of when he decided to make Godus. Remember that flaming pile of trash? Well, thankfully, Townsmen VR is all the great ideas of Godus, plus the right execution.

This game allows you to play god within a small hamlet and build it up into a kingdom worth its weight in gold. Or alternatively, you can be an old testament god and rule with power on your mind and spite in your heart. I know what I would do.

#28 – Job Simulator

Job Simulator PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: Owlchemy Games

This one is VR royalty in its own right, serving as the go-to silly sandbox game for quite some time. Job Simulator is exactly what you would expect, a title that has you try your hand at a number of common jobs, with the fun coming from the floppy controls and the lack of need for you to be respectable or professional when on the job.

You can be a hard-working and trusted employee or an absolute liability, and while the jobs are fun and challenging, it’s the silly moments in-between that will be what you remember.

#27 – Drums Rock

Drums Rock PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Rhythm
  • Developer: Garage51

I was torn between this one and Ragnarock, as they offer a very similar experience. However, it was partly the recency bias, and partly the more traditional Rock Band format that led me to pick this one for the big-timers list. Drums Rock is exactly what you would expect, a Rock Band clone minus the 2000s gaming peripherals.

The drum mechanics feel tight and satisfying, there are some cool licensed songs, and there is a decent-sized campaign too. So for all those long-time Guitar Hero/Rock Band fans that want another taste of the old days. This is the one you want.

#26 – Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Roguelike
  • Developer: VRKiwi

Do you like digging toward the earth’s crust and spelunking in dark, dingy caves? Well, boy, oh boy, do I have the game for you. Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is a sequel that offers a much more open and action-packed exploration game than its predecessor, asking you to mine resources, find treasure to upgrade your tools, and piece together a mystery that will help you understand the hidden secrets of the valley.

This has a traditional survival feel to it, and when you take this game on in co-op, you really get to see this game at its best. So if you want a fun adventure built for two, this is a great option!

#25 -Thumper

Thumper PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Rhythm
  • Developer: Drool

Here’s another game that could be referred to as VR royalty, and if you happened to own this one already on PSVR, the upgrade to PSVR2 is only £4. What a steal. Thumper may not be as flashy and impressive as the rhythm games that came after, but it walked so others could run, and still offers a trippy, fast-paced, and intense experience that will test your timing and reactions to the limit.

The upgrade on PSVR2 is a real step up and makes this the optimal way to experience Thumper in 2023. Get ready for blistering speeds, pumping tracks, and high-octane rhythm violence!

#24 – Moss

Moss PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Action Puzzler
  • Developer: Polyarc

I feel like Moss, and indeed Moss: Book 2, never really get the credit they deserve. I mean, how many VR games from this era attempted to tell a cohesive and touching story, let alone pull it off with aplomb? This title is a typical fairytale adventure with challenging puzzles, satisfying, simple combat, and an incredibly imaginative in-game world that will keep you gripped from start to end.

The worst thing I can really say about it is that it’s over too soon, but that’s where Moss; Book 2 comes in, but more on that later!

#23 – After The Fall

After The Fall PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Vertigo Games
  • Developer: Co-op Shooter

Touted as VR’s answer to Left 4 Dead, After The Fall aims to follow up on the developer’s successful outing with Arizona Sunshine with a much more serious and meaningful attempt at a zombie shooter, and in a lot of ways, the game succeeds on that brief. The game has serviceable combat mechanics, a great co-op format, and some killer moments that are literally dripping in L4D inspiration.

The only issue here is that the content is a little threadbare and repetitive, so it doesn’t really have the same replay value as L4D, which, let’s face it, was a big part of its success worth trying if you want a co-op shooter, but definitely not the finest example of one on this list.

#22 – Jurrasic Park Aftermath Collection

Jurrasic Park Aftermath Collection PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Coatsink

If you’re wondering if there is a scene where you cower in a kitchen as a hulking prehistoric monster bounds around, let me put your mind at ease. Of course, there is! This may have been a pretty underwhelming console release, but adapted for VR, the game’s immersion and interactivity absolve a lot of the sins present in the mainstream console release.

This title has great voice acting from the likes of Jeff Goldblum himself, music from John Williams, embraces the Alien Isolation format to make the player vulnerable and on constant high alert, and the game offers a unique story set between Jurassic World and its sequel. It’s not a world-beater, but for Jurassic Park fans, this is a great little title to pick up.

#21 – Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect: Connected PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Developer: Resonair

Listen, I’ve heard a lot of people heap praise on this game, and while I can see the widespread appeal both in the timeless puzzle format, and the presentation. I’m going to say the thing that everyone is thinking. It’s just Tetris! That line will probably drive a large portion of readers mad, but it’s true.

As much as this is a very competent and interesting twist on the Tetris formula handmade for VR, the game has a ceiling. If you are a Tetris fan and want to literally step into the experience, this will probably be a revelation for you, but personally, I can’t place this title any higher than I have done.

#20 – Demeo

Demeo PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Tabletop RPG
  • Developer: Resolution Games

Of all the games on this list, Demeo, at least conceptually, is probably the most ambitious. From the outside looking in, the idea of stepping into the world of TTRPGS and DND can be very daunting. So Demeo can consider the fact that picking this game up is so intuitive and fun a huge boon. The game boils down DND-style campaigns into three-floor experiences with a boss at the end to test your mettle.

The game offers all the immersion, strategy, imaginative play, and creative freedom that DND offers, but in an accessible and bite-sized formula. It does stumble at times, mainly due to the fact that the parameters that make it so accessible are the same that limit infinite creativity, but if you are looking for a hands-on gateway into the world of DND and TTRPGs, then let Demeo be your guide!

#19 – Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded

Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: On-Rails Shooter
  • Developer: X R Games

If you are a fan of arcade shooters like House of the Dead and Time Crisis, then this Zombieland-inspired on-rails shooter will be right up your street. This shooter has you improve your zombie-killin’ and double-tappin’ efficiency until you are ready to ace the Zombieland Invitational.

However, even when you do finish this relatively short game, there are lots of B-sides and an online leaderboard to keep you playing long after the credits roll. It’s wacky, wonderful, gory fun, and perfect for those that only like to play VR in quick bursts!

#18 – Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developer: Ramen VR

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said that Zenith would have easily pierced the top ten of most VR lists. However, this game has been a little stagnant of late. That being said, though, it still has the bones of an incredible VR MMORPG, the thing everyone said couldn’t be done.

There is lots of content for players to get through, gameplay, while quite repetitive, is well-implemented and engaging for the most part. The in-game world and story are peculiar in the best way, and it’s a fabulous experience when experienced with others. The problem with that is that without others, it can feel a little monotonous, so to get the best out of this game, drag a friend along with you!

#17 – Garden of the Sea

Garden of the Sea PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Neat Corporation
  • Developer: Farming Sim

I will be the first to admit that the indie farming sim format has been milked dry, but because the corporate heads have realized that farming sims equate to potential big bucks, we need to get used to them coming out in volume for a little while longer. However, Garden of the Sea has the benefit of VR on its side.

Rarely have we players been given the opportunity to actually farm the crops, fish, interact with locals, and craft resources with our own two hands. Garden of the Sea is the Stardew Valley of VR, at least for the moment. So if you have a crop-shaped hole in your life, use this game to plug it up.

#16 – Tentacular

Tentacular PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: Firepunch Games

Am I the only one that gets Katamari Damacy vibes from this one? I think it’s the sheer wackiness of the concept that makes me draw that comparison. However, Tentacular does more than enough to earn a place of its own at the peculiar game table. Tentacular sees you play the role of the friendly neighborhood Kraken who is tasked with helping the people of the Archipelago, and in turn, convincing the islanders that you are a jolly giant and not some hideous sea creature.

It’s in the same vein as Job simulator, as it offers a lot of fun, short and silly tasks for players to partake in, and front loads with comedy and slapstick. It’s not the most cohesive experience at times, but it’s pure childish fun, and if that’s not an endorsement, then I don’t know what is!

#15 – Song In The Smoke Rekindled

Song In The Smoke Rekindled PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Survival
  • Developer: 17-Bit

Survival games are a dime a dozen on mainstream consoles. Mainly because there seems to be a universal allowance for them to be janky, and they don’t need to have a notably good story either. What they need is open-ended gameplay, a constant attempt to challenge the player, and balanced survival mechanics. However, what if that was all done through the lens of VR? Well, Song in the Smoke is a great example of a survival title that gives the player the reigns and simply says ‘survive.’

This title will have you tap into your ancestral primal instincts and use a blend of cunning and bravery to best the beasts that lurk in the shadows. Fans of traditional survival titles should definitely consider adding this to their PSVR2 library.

#14 – The Last Clockwinder

The Last Clockwinder PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Developer: Pontoco

It’s rare when you see a puzzle game come up with a genuinely fresh and new format that hasn’t been borrowed and tweaked. Games like The Witness or Portal spring to mind. Well, while it’s perhaps not worthy of keeping that kind of company, The Last Clockwinder is a truly unique puzzler well worth your time. This game uses the concept of time, and will have you chain motions and gestures in sequence to progress events and solve challenging puzzles.

The game looks outstanding; the puzzles start easy but soon become real brain-teasers, as they should, and through the power of creating clones, you can uncover the secrets of the Clocktower. It’s one that has gone a little under the radar, but for hardcore puzzle fans, this is the VR experience you will want to sink your teeth into. 

#13 – Moss 2

Moss 2 PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Adventure Puzzler
  • Developer: Polyarc

Everything that I said about Moss can be applied, and then some when it comes to Moss: Book 2. This is how you should do a sequel. Take the niggling issues, add some more pizzazz, and wrap things up before you overstay your welcome. It’s a much more visually striking experience than Book One, but it’s essentially more of the same.

Fun platforming and combat, satisfying puzzles, and a fantastic fairytale adventure that puts a neat bow on the Moss series. Plus, if you want to grab both Moss Books, they come as a bundle for a lower price. So those looking for value for money, this is a great duo to pick up. 

#12 – Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Action Shooter
  • Developer: Resonair 

Another game that is real value for money is Rez Infinite which can be picked up as an upgrade for as low as £8, which is, again, a steal! Rez Infinite is a game that offers a surreal synesthesia experience that tasks you with taking down waves of enemies floating through cyberspace, as you aim to save the world from imminent doom, because what else would you be doing?

The game art style is one of a kind, the soundtrack is mesmerizing, and fans of bullet-hell shooters like Rezogun will take to this like a duck to water. Another VR Royalty title with a new coat of paint. Why would you deny yourself that amazing opportunity for cyberspace euphoria? 

#11 – Kayak Mirage

Kayak Mirage PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Immersive Sim
  • Developer: Better Than Life

A few of you guys may disagree with this one, because, in truth, Kayak Mirage isn’t so much a game as it is an immersive experience with gameplay elements attached to at least retain some players after the first few hours. However, for that first few hours, you’ll get your money’s worth and more from the pure tranquillity and serenity that this game offers. Whether it’s floating downstream in Australia, or battling a storm in Norway, this game provides a genuinely flawless replication of kayaking in real life.

The water physics feels true-to-life, the scenery is picturesque, and you can even race with AI and other players via online leaderboards if that’s your thing. Mileage may vary with this game, quite literally, but if you want to show off the capabilities to a complete VR novice, this would be the game I would choose to show off. 

#10 – The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Roguelike Shooter
  • Developer: Funktronic Labs

Ever since everyone jumped on the Hades bandwagon, we, as gamers, have been inundated with Roguelikes. However, I would say that isn’t quite as prevalent in the VR community. Shooters have been offered in abundance, but a roguelike shooter with genuine, deep roguelike qualities has been hard to come by. Well, The Light Brigade is here to plug that hole and offer a wonderful shooter with damn-near-infinite replayability.

With lots of customization between runs with varied upgrades and magical buffs, and a handful of diverse weapon load-outs, the player is given the tools to battle the Obsidian Forces and bring light back to a dark and decaying world. Not the most unique premise, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. It’s genuinely one of the most refined and enjoyable shooters on the market. 

#9 – Synth Riders

Synth Riders PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Rhythm 
  • Developer: Kluge Interactive

You may have noticed that the PSVR2 line-up had a major absence in the form of Beat Saber. Well, you needn’t worry, because Synth Riders is an equally brilliant rhythm title, and arguably tips the scale with more easily accessed licensed music and a more Just Dance sort of vibe.

This game has the player throw shapes in time with the synthwave music, is incredibly intuitive, and above all, it’s one hell of a workout if you are looking for that sort of thing. As a platinum hunter, I foresee it being one of the sweatiest ones I will ever earn. If you want to join me on that quest, then pick this one up and get moving! 

#8 – Cosmonious High

Cosmonious High PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs

If Job Simulator was the amuse-bouche, and Tentacular was the starter, then Cosmonious High, from the makers of Job Simulator, is the main course! This title focuses on the monotony of high school life and the drama that comes with it, and the amplifies it infinitely through vibrant colors, an otherworldly setting, and a seemingly infinite collection of interactive objects.

The game will task you with lots of wacky tasks, will let you off the leash to explore more than its predecessor, and will undoubtedly have you giggling with glee with laugh-a-minute slapstick comedy. This new title is the new benchmark in VR simulation titles of this ilk, and a must-play for PSVR2 owners! 

#7 – Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: ILMxLab

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve watched the original batch of six movies, I’ve played a few games, including Jedi Fallen Order, and I have a reasonable fondness for Star Wars as a result. So maybe someone in that space would get more out of this game than a non-force user like me.

However, even with that taken into account, this experience is visually outstanding, packed with tonnes of easter eggs and fine details that Star Wars fanatics will gawk over, and from a gameplay perspective, it’s a smorgasbord of fun, varied intergalactic activities, with lots of pew-pewing, and thankfully you have the ability to be more accurate than the average Stormtrooper. 

The downside is that the game is pretty short, meaning that it’s over before things really get going. Plus, the story feels more like contextual way to place you in different locations, than a genuinely captivating tale from the galaxy’s edge. In short, I don’t see this being added to the canon, but for all of you Jedis, this is a PSVR2 title not to be missed. 

#6 – Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Horizon: Call of the Mountain PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Guerrilla Games 

After witnessing the potential of games like The Climb, I was hoping that a more fleshed-out IP would take that format and run with it, and as if on cue, Call of the Mountain, a branch off of the Horizon franchise, comes along to become the quintessential climbing game for VR players. The climbing mechanics in this game are super, and when combined with the very satisfying archery functionality, and you have a game that will make you feel just as badass as Aloy herself.

Cards on the table, the storyline is very forgettable, and the aside from the crisp visuals, the world doesn’t feel as all-encompassing as the console releases. However, if you love the Horizon franchise, this game is well worth playing to completion! Fair warning, though, it’s not currently worth the price of admission, so maybe wait for a sale. 

#5 – Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Racing
  • Developer: Polyphony Digital

This will upset the petrolheads, but I have to be true to myself here, and while this VR functionality added to GT7 is very immersive and impressive, it does feel like more of a gimmick than a fully-fledged VR mode. I say this because the player is constantly thrust in and out of 360 VR between screens, and aside from the VR Showroom mode, your time racing is the only time you’ll experience GT7 in total VR.

That being said, though, the graphical fidelity is second to none, the noise of each revving vehicle surrounding you is awesome, and if you have the capacity to combine this with a slick racing chair, pedal, and wheel combo, this would be unparalleled in terms of racing realism. However, for the controller user who already owned GT7, I would go as far as to say that this isn’t worth the time spent redownloading the title. 

#4 – Resident Evil Village VR

Resident Evil Village VR PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Developer: Capcom

Want to fawn over Lady Dimitrescu all over again, but this time in hyper-immersive and terrifying VR? Why wouldn’t you? Sorry to lump you in with the masses of horny 4Chan teenagers out there, but the need to be funny outweighs my desire to be professional, it seems. Big booty vampires aside, Resident Evil Village in VR carries on the RE VR success story that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard enjoyed on the original PSVR.

It ups the terror and dread in most situations; it makes the gunplay much more engaging, and above all, it places you in the thick of it as Ethan Winters. The question many will ask is, does this update make it worth revisiting, and to that, I would say, absolutely. Use this as a warmup before the Resident Evil 4 Remake hits the digital shelves! 

#3 – No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Hello Games

Insert generic narrative about No Man’s Sky, and its amazing comeback here. By now, we all know the story behind the fall and unlikely rise of this title. However, not many have taken the time to embrace this game in VR, and those who have avoided this pleasure are truly missing out.

This game already played fantastically well on PSVR, but with new hardware comes an even more polished VR experience. It’s a rare example of a complex and multifaceted mainstream console game that has been adapted for seamless VR, and with changes like UI changes and more impressive visuals, exploring procedural space doesn’t get much better than this.

What has to be said is that the more complex aspects of the game feel much more tricky on VR than with a controller in hand, and visually it still pales in comparison to the non-VR version. However, as a complete multiplayer VR experience that offers hundreds of hours, there aren’t many titles that can hold a candle to No Man’s Sky. 

#2 – Pavlov

Pavlov PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: FPS
  • Developer: Vankrupt Games

If you are one of those kids that grew up with games like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and CSGO, then you may have noticed that the VR space isn’t exactly jam-packed with multiplayer shooters worth their weight in gold. It’s not like we can jump into Apex, Warzone, or Overwatch.

Well, Pavlov is the next best thing, and in terms of immersion, it blows all those titles out of the water. This game strips back the VR shooter experience and drops all the gimmicks and thrills in favor of true-to-life realism. This is about as close as you will get to playing CSGO in 360-degree VR, and I mean that as the biggest compliment possible. 

The gunplay is perfectly weighted, and super accurate. The multiplayer functionality is fleshed out and allows for tactical warfare, and even if you want to kick it in solo, the game has reasonably clever AI bots and practice modes to test your skills before your next online session. It’s hands down the best traditional, modern warfare shooter on VR, but is it the best shooter around on PSVR2? Scroll for your answer! 

#1 – Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip PSVR2 Game

  • Genre: FPS/Rythym 
  • Developer: Cloudhead Games

We have your winner, and for many, this would have been the clear winner on the original PSVR too. With a result like this, I could understand if lots of you are left thinking to yourself, ‘the medium is at a standstill.’ However, it’s nothing like that. It’s simply that Pistol Whip is that damn good

This shooter marries together the joy of fast-paced, high-octane FPS gameplay, with the need to shoot to the beat. It’s a model that many games like Hellsinger, BPM: Bullets Per Minute, and Hifi Rush have adopted, but even now, I would say Pistol Whip still outclasses them all. 

Pistol Whip has so much content to get through, tonnes of game modes to encourage players to play time and time again, and the game’s overall style and flair in terms of presentation is quite frankly out of this world. If you are big fans of games like Beat Saber, Superhot, or Synth Riders, then this may just be the game that blows your socks off all over again. This is the best that PSVR2 has to offer, and maybe when the PSVR3 rolls around, Pistol Whip will still be wearing the crown. Only time will tell. 

Best Upcoming Games to Watch Out For

Then to wrap things up, here are a few games that you need to keep on your radar so you can bolster your VR game library when you burn through all your chosen titles listed above:

  • Humanity
  • The Last Worker 
  • Firewall Ultra
  • VR Skater
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Retribution
  • C-Smash VRS
  • Another Fisherman’s Tale
  • Creed: Rise to Glory
  • Hellsweeper VR
  • Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue
  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

FAQ Section

Question: How Much Does the PSVR2 Cost? 

Answer: The base headset with controllers and headphones costs £529.99 at the time of writing, with the option to go for the Call of the Mountain Bundle, which will cost £569.99

Question: Is PSVR2 Back Compatible?

Answer: Simply put, no, it is not back-compatible. However, Sony expects a number of developers to update existing VR titles and offer PSVR2 versions as time goes on. Some PSVR titles are already available in the PSVR2 lineup, and there are more expected to follow suit. 

Question: Are There PSVR Games on PS Plus?

Answer: No, at the time of writing, there are no games available on the PS Plus catalog. We would assume that the initial success of the PSVR2 will dictate whether Sony will begin to add a library of VR titles to their rival service to Xbox Game Pass. 

Starting Strong!

As you can see, the PSVR2 has started on the right track, with a game library that will keep VR fans busy for quite some time, with quite a few new and exclusive experiences packed in there for good measure. Would I say that this lineup justifies the steep price tag you’ll need to fork over for the PSVR2?

Honestly, I’m kind of on the fence there because I’m leaning toward no, but I could say the same with just about any launch line-up over the years. It’s a great foundation for this platform to grow, and if you want to get in on the ground floor, then I hope this list helps you do that! As always, thank you for reading Ready VR One.

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