Adam Braunstein

Adam Braunstein has been an avid VR gamer for over 4 years and whether it's PCVR, PSVR or Oculus Quest, he's experienced all of the top games out there and countless indie games as well. When it comes to favorites, you can find him blasting online in Pavlov VR or taking to the battlefields of Tales of Glory. In addition for playing purposes, Adam uses VR as a workout tool as well and has experience working for a VR fitness company. When he's not in VR, Adam is usually gaming, writing songs, playing guitar, or watching sports.

Best Anime VR Games

VR is a place where the impossible can become possible. While there are plenty of games that let you act out things you can do in your everyday life, like play basketball or throw a football around, plenty let you venture to fantastical worlds, wield magic, play as giants, and pretty much anything else you …

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Best Indie VR Games

VR is an incredible platform that, in my eyes, is still just in the early Nintendo-type days of its existence. Part of the problem with reaching the mainstream is that it’s hard to articulate why VR is so incredible. You can show people with headsets on and flailing around all you like, but much like …

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Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR

VR is still in the opening stages of what is sure to be a very long and lucrative lifespan. Even with that, we’ve got tons of options to choose from when getting our VR experience. We’ve got wireless headsets, wired ones, heavy headsets, light ones, amazing controllers, some less comfortable ones. The variations are just …

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Skyrim VR Guide

Skyrim is one of those games that transcends the videogame moniker. You can be walking down the street, and regardless of the age of the person you ask, the question “Do you know what Skyrim is?” will likely be answered with “Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it.” the majority of the time. It’s a …

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