Adam Braunstein

Adam Braunstein has been an avid VR gamer for over 4 years and whether it's PCVR, PSVR or Oculus Quest, he's experienced all of the top games out there and countless indie games as well. When it comes to favorites, you can find him blasting online in Pavlov VR or taking to the battlefields of Tales of Glory. In addition for playing purposes, Adam uses VR as a workout tool as well and has experience working for a VR fitness company. When he's not in VR, Adam is usually gaming, writing songs, playing guitar, or watching sports.

Ashok Interview

Modding is one of the biggest parts of the PC gaming community these days, and no game around has embraced it like Skyrim. As you might imagine, the same exact thing happened to Skyrim VR, and since the mods have taken hold, it’s become one of the best VR games out there. That’s where I …

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Myst VR Puzzles Guide

Myst is truly one of the most amazing games ever created. While imitation is flattery in today’s gaming age, nothing really comes close to the world created by Myst over 20 years ago. It’s a mix of science fiction, steampunk, and just complete weirdness that really doesn’t even satisfy one genre, and thanks to VR, …

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Minecraft PSVR Guide

Minecraft has become one of the biggest names in not only gaming but pop culture. What started out as a simple game that allowed you to build your own world has become one of the most popular games in videogame history. The somewhat simple graphics have allowed the game to travel to every platform imaginable, …

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Echo VR Guide

VR, to me, is the next standard of video games. Not only is it one of the most amazing visual mediums that we have access to, but it’s also a workout tool, a learning tool, and these days? It’s also a sport. There are several VR sports leagues out there. When you ask any VR …

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Sony PSVR2 Guide

VR is the videogame medium of the future. Yes, I know people are still calling it a gimmick and something that will never last with casual gamers, but think about it like this. Right now, VR is essentially in its Super Nintendo level of existence when compared to console games. This is the infancy we …

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