VR Games on our Radar in 2023

VR Games on our Radar in 2023

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Believe it or not, VR is still in the infancy stages of its development. While the videogame world hasn’t exactly fallen head over heels in love with it just yet, consider that it’s pretty much in its Super Nintendo phase of being a game system. The technology is getting better, the studios making the games are getting bigger budgets, and slowly, those killer apps will be coming.

In 2023, we’re expecting the launch of PSVR 2, which could effectively shoot VR into the stratosphere with an impressive suite of games slated to come as well. PCVR is no slouch either, as several massively intriguing titles are set to come their way, and we can’t forget about the Meta Quest 2 doing its best to prove that they don’t need wires to compete in this market. 2023 looks to be a pretty important year for the VR world.

If this medium is going to become what it’s got the potential to be, it starts now. Here are the VR games on our radar in 2023.

Selection Criteria

  • Interesting VR mechanics
  • Impressive Graphics
  • Lengthy Campaigns
  • VR conversions of popular games
  • Original Multiplayer Titles

Grand Theft Auto V: VR

Grand Theft Auto V VR

  • Developer- Rockstar Games
  • Platforms- Meta Quest 2
  • Release Date- TBA 2023

The title alone should excite people, but if you’re somehow unfamiliar with GTA V at this point, picture this. An entire city is at your disposal, where you can either follow the compelling main story of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin as they scheme, steal and kill their way through a script worthy of a Tarantino film, or you can spend most of your time cruising down the highway listening to an outstanding soundtrack, playing tennis, stealing cars or robbing convenience stores.

You can also fly helicopters, explore the desert, perform massive heists, and so much more. The sky is the limit for the gameplay potential in this nearly endless game, and while it’s almost 10 years old now, Skyrim VR showed us how amazing a game could be when translated into VR, regardless of how old that game is.

While no details about the gameplay have been released yet, we can assume that it will be fully motion controlled with some form of VR interactivity installed into the world so it can feel like a true VR title. We’re not sure just when we’re going to see this one release yet, but when it does, it could be the first true system seller for the Meta Quest 2.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners- Chapter 2: Retribution

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners- Chapter 2: Retribution
Image from Fandom
  • Developers- Skydance Interactive
  • Platforms- Meta Quest 2, PS4, PS5, PSVR2, PC
  • Release Date- TBA February 2023

One of the biggest surprises of 2020 was the success of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It took a well-known property and spun an original story from it that veered more toward the comics than the TV show and, in the process, created a game that was both terrifying and exhilarating to play.

It introduced to us the joy of taking a screwdriver and jamming it into a zombie’s skull, and it also taught us about time management because if you took too long to complete a mission, a bell would ring and send every last Walker in the area to come and find you. The sequel looks to up the ante considerably with a host of new weapons to play around with and improved graphics to boot. From the trailer, we’ve glimpsed a pair of bladed knuckles, a bombastic grenade launcher, and my favorite, the chainsaw.

How a chainsaw will work in VR is a bit of a mystery, but the trailer made sure to show us how gruesome and powerful it’s likely to feel when wielded by us in VR. This one has undergone a delay, but this is likely due to it being pushed back for the release of the PSVR 2 rather than any issues with the game itself.

The first one was simple, but it was powerful, and it had a gripping story with some great characters to boot, and deciding what their fate would be, gave you a level of control you don’t often see in the VR world. This sequel looks to do all of that and more, with some incredible-looking graphics to go with it. 



  • Developer- IRIS VR
  • Platforms- PS5, PC
  • Release Date- TBA 2023

One thing I’ve wondered while playing VR lately is, “Where are all the futuristic games?” I love Blade and Sorcery and Pavlov as much as the next VR fan, but I would love the technology on my head to match the technology in my VR games. With LOW-FI, it seems we might be getting just that.

The simple pitch with LOW-FI is that it’s Cyberpunk 2077 in VR, but from what I’ve experienced in Early Access and what’s been promised by IRIS VR, it’s going to be so much more than that. The playable experience feels much more like Deus Ex or Blade Runner than anything, and I can tell you that that is a very good thing. The graphics are absolutely mind-blowing, and there is a retro-futuristic vibe here is just a joy to look at and explore. It’s a fully open world complete with flying vehicle travel and RPG elements

You play as a futuristic cop tasked with taking on investigations in a corrupt city. You’ll have a variety of weapons at your disposal and some melee options at well, but it’s not about the combat here. The atmosphere is a one-of-a-kind experience in VR, and if the Alpha release is anything to go by, this could be the sleeper VR hit in 2023. You’ll need a decently powerful PC to get this one looking as good as possible, but it’s well worth it, and LOW-FI is one to watch.

Horizon: Call of The Mountain

Horizon: Call of The Mountain
Image from Fandom
  • Developer- Guerilla Games
  • Platform- PS5
  • Release Date- February 22nd, 2023

Horizon is one of Playstation’s biggest franchises these days, but their prior release, Horizon: Forbidden West, failed to turn heads the way the company wanted it to. Whether that was because of the game itself or that it was pitted against Elden Ring when it was released doesn’t matter, the result was just not the mega-hit they wanted. Instead of reloading with another sequel, Guerilla Games instead has been crafting a VR experience.

It’s an entirely original tale with a new character that you’ll be controlling. So far, the trailer looks absolutely incredible, and the upgraded technology of the PSVR 2 should make that all the more amazing to experience. This isn’t just a proof-of-concept mini-game like we’ve seen in other triple-A titles like Final Fantasy XV VR; this is a full-fledged game checking in at 7 hours long

. You won’t just be sightseeing here as the iconic bow will be available to you as you take on the robotic monstrosities that ravage the land. These types of games always have a bit of doubt behind them because you never know just how much effort a studio is giving and whether it’s a quick cash grab or not. I believe that Guerilla Games wants to wow people after failing to do so this past winter, and Horizon: Call of The Mountain looks to be the game to do it.

Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil 8 Village

  • Developer- Capcom
  • Platform- PSVR 2
  • Release Date- TBA 2023

This one has technically already been out if you dabble in the VR modding community. This is no coincidence that Capcom is now coming out with Resident Evil 8: Village in VR; Capcom saw the response to the VR mod and decided to capitalize on it and capitalize they did. Having experienced the mod quite a bit, I can tell you that this game is every bit as terrifying as Resident Evil 7 VR.

The big difference between the two is the means you have to defend yourself in Village. You get a host of weapons to wield here, and they all feel fantastic in VR. With Capcom giving this the same treatment they gave Resident Evil 4, expect a high level of polish, including some VR interactivity with the world as well. Seeing Lady Demetriscu up close is a pretty terrifying experience and running from her children throughout the hallways of her home is one of the scariest and most intense experiences I’ve ever had in VR.

I know horror in VR isn’t for everyone, but this is more of an action horror experience. Instead of running for your life and hiding, you’re here for some payback, and you’re equipped with the tools to do it. Capcom was gifted the blueprint by some very talented modders, so all they have to do is polish it up to triple-A standards, and we’re looking at an absolutely wild VR experience. Unfortunately, it’s only slated for the PSVR 2 at the moment, so PC players will have to stick with the mod for now.

Samurai Slaughter House

Samurai Slaughter House

  • Developer- Tab Games
  • Platforms- PSVR 2, PCVR, Meta Quest 2
  • Release Date- TBA 2023

Samurai Slaughter House might not be the most inviting name for a game, but this is looking like one of the most unique experiences in VR. The aesthetic is incredible, with a black and white comic book style that is both strange yet somehow feels perfect for the vibe this game is going. What we have here is an open world that you explore and take on quests as a wandering samurai. In your path are a variety of monsters and, best of all, other samurai to contend with.

Combat is physics-based here in the vein of Blade and Sorcery, so you’ll be relying on your own skill to survive encounters. You’ll have a variety of different weapons at your disposal here, and the blood effects, in particular, are absolutely wild. In the early access version I experienced, things felt pretty bare, but it was a tech demo for the most part, so the quests weren’t too fleshed out.

The final release of this game promises an entire open-world RPG filled with a story and tons of quests and combat scenarios. The action is bloody and vibrant, so if you’re looking for a different flavor of melee combat in VR, this is definitely one to check out.

Pirates VR: Jolly Roger

Pirates VR Jolly Roger

  • Developer- Split Light Studio
  • Platforms- PCVR
  • Release Date- March 31st, 2023

There is a troubling lack of sea-faring games in VR and whether that’s because the inherent sea sickness combined with VR sickness might not be the best combo or that the user demand isn’t there doesn’t matter. There is so much potential in a pirate game in VR, and from the sounds of it, this is looking to be like Sea of Thieves in VR.

You will play as a sea-faring pirate, complete with a parrot on your shoulder. You’ll have a variety of pirate-themed weapons at your disposal and will also be solving puzzles too. The environments shown off in the trailer look absolutely incredible and might have a bit of a survival game feel to them as well.

You’ll be harrowed throughout by the weather, the animal life, and some other mysterious horrors as well. Discovering the mystery behind the island you’ve crashed on will be the majority of your adventure, but Split Light Studio promises a lengthy adventure that will test your skills and your mind.

There is also an engaging story to support your adventure, so you’ll consistently have the incentive to push forward. So far, we’ve seen nothing like this in VR before, so I hope Pirates VR: Jolly Roger can be a breath of fresh air.

Firewall Ultra

Firewall Ultra

  • Developer- First Contact Entertainment Inc.
  • Platform- PSVR 2
  • Release Date- TBA Early 2023

One of the biggest hits for the original PSVR was Firewall Zero Hour, a tactical, squad-based shooter that really put the system on the map. Nobody really knew what to expect with multiplayer action in VR, but quickly, Firewall Zero hour showed that Rainbow Six-like action could take place in VR perhaps even better than on a flatscreen.

With the release trailer, immediately, the first thing to take note of is the graphics. I know it’s a trailer, but these graphics look just as good as any modern Call of Duty game, and that’s a huge step up from the original game, which, while fun, had graphics a few rungs below Pavlov VR, and that’s being generous.

With the super powerful PSVR 2 in tow, though, First Contact Entertainment Inc. has ramped things up considerably, and along with the improved graphics, we’re also getting adaptive triggers, finger touch detection, and eye tracking. These are all massive advancements in VR technology and the adaptive triggers are particularly intriguing as that’s been one of the selling points of the PS5 and now it could be a selling point in VR as well.

One of the biggest issues in shooting games in VR is how all guns feel the same rumble when you shoot them; with adaptive triggers, though, shooting a shotgun will feel a whole lot different than firing a handgun, and in a medium where immersion is everything, that’s a welcome addition. It’s not the highest-profile PSVR 2 game waiting in the wings, but it’s certainly one of the most intriguing. We will see if it can live up to these lofty expectations in early 2023.

Altair Breaker

Altair Breaker

  • Developers- Thirdverse
  • Platforms- PSVR 2, PC
  • Release Date- TBA 2023

I might be in the minority here, but one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in VR is with Thirdverse’s initial effort, Swords of Gargantua. The multiplayer sword fighting against AI gameplay here was fast and smooth and was one of the better workouts you could have in VR as well. Unfortunately, Thirdverse wasn’t getting the player counts needed to keep the servers up and are now migrating them to other servers, meaning Swords of Gargantua is done for the time being.

They did this to turn their attention to Altair Breaker, which feels like a spiritual successor in many ways. Here, we’ve got over-the-top anime action with even more combat options than Swords of Gargantua offered. Some of the best moments in this game come from aerial combat, which allows you to launch an enemy into the air, teleport up to them and smash them down to the earth Dragonball Z style.

This one is already out on PCVR, but it failed to make a big impact in part due to the massive pool of games available in Steam VR right now. With the considerable fanbase built-in with the PSVR 2, we’re likely going to see Altair Breaker gain a lot more popularity as it’s currently one of the few multiplayer games that will be released for the PSVR 2 at launch.

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City

  • Developer- Ramen VR
  • Platforms- PSVR 2, PC
  • Release Date- February 2023

Zenith: The Last City has been in Early Access since 2021, but in February 2023, we’re finally going to get the finished version of the game on the PSVR 2. It’s an open-world, anime-styled MMO with hours upon hours of content to explore with friends. More importantly, it’s one of maybe 3 MMOs in VR that are actually playable right now and the only game of its sort coming to PSVR 2 at the moment.

The gameplay has you choosing between a few different classes, and from there, you’re unleashed into this gorgeous, vibrant anime world filled with weird and inventive enemies and countless quests and secrets to uncover. Combat is all motion-based, and there are options for melee and ranged characters, depending on your preference.

Performing specific motions can trigger your spells and special attacks, which really gives you a feeling of power while playing. This isn’t a direct port either, as developer Ramen VR claims it added hundreds of hours of content and upgraded the user experience in a massive way.

It will also use adaptive triggers, and even the headset rumble is being utilized here for full immersion. Having experienced the Early Access version, I can see massive potential in this one. The graphics should shine magnificently in the PSVR 2, and with the added content, it seems like this could very well be a system seller.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

  • Developer- Smilegate
  • Platforms- PSVR 2
  • Release Date- February 22nd, 2023

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is a little different than Firewall Ultra in that this is strictly a campaign-based game. Now, that’s not to say it’s not multiplayer because it very much is; the only difference is that you will be facing off against AI instead of each other in a co-op mode. This might not be for everyone, but personally, I love when a game is multiplayer without forcing the PVP element.

Smilegate has promised 39 weapons will be available, and with each, a unique reloading method. The action from the trailer looks incredibly intense and looks to be less realistic than Firewall, but more like an over-the-top military action movie. This isn’t one for the faint of heart, as the violence is pretty realistic, but for those looking for a mature and action-packed romp either solo or with a few friends, Crossfire: Sierra Squad looks to be the exact way to quench that thirst.

Hellsweeper VR

Hellsweeper VR

  • Developer- Mixed Realms
  • Platform- PCVR, Meta Quest 2
  • Release Date- Early 2023

Hellsweeper VR is basically Blade and Sorcery with a story. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? I’m being sarcastic because it obviously is. Blade and Sorcery is arguably the most popular VR game out there, and Hellsweeper takes the blueprint and fleshes it out in a big way. Not only are you getting physics-based melee, but you’re also getting motion-based spells, all kinds of guns, and a boatload of insane-looking, demonic hellspawn to take out through your journey into the underworld.

To add to the appeal, this is a full-on roguelike, so everything changes with each playthrough. Each time, you get stronger and gain mastery over your weapons and elemental magic, which in turn will make you more successful. It’s VR’s answer to something like Returnal or Hades. These are the guys behind Sairento VR, so you’re getting a product from the masters of their field here.

Vertigo 2

Vertigo 2

  • Developer- Zach Tsiakalis-Brown, Errol Bucy
  • Platforms- PCVR
  • Release Date- March 30th, 2023

Vertigo was one of the most underrated VR titles when it was released in 2020, and it continues to be to this day. The original was a mix of Half-Life, Portal, and a bit of Boneworks in a more lighthearted tone. It had puzzles, fun combat, and, best of all, an amazing atmosphere and an interesting story. The first one left plenty of stones unturned, and the sequel looks to answer many of those questions while posing plenty of new ones during your journey to find your home.

The tone in this one feels decidedly more mature than the first one, and in the trailer, we see our main character wielding assault rifles and a whole lot more blood than I remember seeing in the first one. Things look a bit more action-packed this time around, which is welcomed, but I’m hoping the puzzle elements from the first one stick around as they helped make the world feel truly alien and mysterious.

Vertigo 2 was supposed to drop in 2022, but multiple delays have sent this one all the way back to March. Even with those delays, there is still a lot to look forward to here, and while the first one was an underrated gem, Vertigo 2 looks like it is taking the next step to becoming a full-fledged hit. It’s a bit to wait, but I’m betting on it being well worth it.

Into The Darkness VR

Into The Darkness VR

  • Developer- Cosmos Games
  • Platform- PCVR
  • Release Date- 2023

For fans of Half-Life: Alyx, Bonelab, or anything Sci-fi, boy, do I have a title for you. Into the Darkness, VR is everything you could want in a VR title. You’ve got fast-paced action, crazed, possessed robots, physics-based climbing, samurai swords, guns, and a terrifying and hostile world to explore. These all combine for what looks like one of the most intriguing games in VR in years. The premise is that you’re exploring a military facility that’s gone dark.

In addition to this, you’ve also got tons of puzzles and also a sandbox mode, which is similar to what you can find in Bonelab and Blade and Sorcery. Some of the naysayers are saying this is a bit of a copycat game to Bonelab, but don’t listen to any of that. The premise is similar, sure, but so is the premise of Atomic Heart, and you don’t hear anyone complaining about that game.

This is an original game that has some explosive-looking gameplay and should be a great time. Expect some top-of-the-line graphics to go along with gripping gameplay when this one comes out in 2023.

Blunt Force

Blunt Force

  • Developer- Monad Rock
  • Platforms- PCVR
  • Release Date- TBA 2023

For those that are looking for a more realistic shooter than some of the earlier titles on this list, Blunt Force may be just what the doctor ordered. You play as a spy during World War II, and this looks like it’s going to be heavy on grit and realism. The graphics shown off in the trailer are incredible looking, but that’s not always something that’ll look the same for the full release, so ease expectations there. What does look like it’ll be there for certain is the gameplay.

While the shooting is going to feel the same in many VR games, Blunt Force also has you explore quieter moments as a spy. There will be some light puzzle-solving elements, but you’ll also be doing things like scaling buildings, sneaking around stealthy, climbing pipes, and taking out enemies with melee weapons as well. As far as World War II games go, Blunt Force is one of the games of its type this coming year, so for historical fans and those looking for an interesting campaign with some fun combat to boot, Blunt Force is one to watch in 2023.

Honorable Mention

In 2023, the popular modder Preydog is going to release an Unreal 5 injector that, according to the hype, will change just about every game from the past 10 or so years into a playable VR game. For most of these games, implementing motion controls will be as simple as copying and pasting a file into the main game.

That means that games like Mass Effect, The Witcher, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and so many more massive triple-A titles will be playable in VR. The VR revolution is upon us, people; get ready. 



Question: Are PSVR 2 titles going to be released on all VR platforms?

Answer: At the moment, there are several titles that are going to be exclusive to PSVR 2, such as Firewall Ultra. Those titles are console specific and likely won’t be headed to other platforms any time soon. Most titles for PSVR 2 will see releases on other platforms, though the Meta Quest 2 is often left out. 

Question: Will PSVR 2 games have cross-play?

Answer: Most PSVR games had cross-play for a handful of games, so we’re expecting the PSVR 2 to be no different. It helps the audience of these multiplayer games grow so much more when friends know they don’t have to have the same consoles in order to play together. 

Question: Which VR headset has the best graphics?

Answer: Right now, that answer is the HP Reverb 2. The Valve Index gets all the hype, but the color is lacking, and that’s where HP Reverb blows it away. It also almost completely eliminates the screen door effect that we see in many headsets. It doesn’t have the Valve Knuckle controllers, but you can buy those separately if you really want.


VR is still in the niche of the videogame industry, but you recall the release of the first PSVR turned it into a juggernaut for quite a few years. With the upcoming release of the PSVR 2, we’re looking at a similar level of popularity as PS5s are finally in stock, and people are hungry to see what the new generation of VR has to offer. The starting lineup for that headset and many others going into 2023 is pretty impressive, but we’ll just have to wait and see if they can deliver on their potential.

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