Adam Braunstein

Adam Braunstein has been an avid VR gamer for over 4 years and whether it's PCVR, PSVR or Oculus Quest, he's experienced all of the top games out there and countless indie games as well. When it comes to favorites, you can find him blasting online in Pavlov VR or taking to the battlefields of Tales of Glory. In addition for playing purposes, Adam uses VR as a workout tool as well and has experience working for a VR fitness company. When he's not in VR, Adam is usually gaming, writing songs, playing guitar, or watching sports.

Sony PSVR2 Guide

VR is the videogame medium of the future. Yes, I know people are still calling it a gimmick and something that will never last with casual gamers, but think about it like this. Right now, VR is essentially in its Super Nintendo level of existence when compared to console games. This is the infancy we …

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Hitman VR Guide

Hitman is one of those game series that has always had a steady base of fan support but never managed to jump into the mainstream the way that contemporaries like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear solid have managed to do. Part of that reason is likely due to how hardcore and realistic it can get. …

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Borderlands VR Guide

Borderlands has become something of a giant when it comes to gaming franchises, and although the series started way back in 2009, today, the games still have an enormous amount of interest, even with the admittedly lackluster Borderlands 3. When Borderlands 2 first made its appearance in VR, though, everything changed. All of the insanity …

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No Mans Sky Vr Guide

VR gives us the ability to experience things that we will likely never experience ourselves. You can launch magic from your hands, compete in sports you don’t have access to, fight mythical creatures, and so much more that the possibilities are pretty much endless. For me, the most invigorating experience in VR has been No …

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Best Zombie VR Games

Everybody loves zombies, right? It’s one of the strangest fascinations that we have in pop culture, but whether it’s TV, movies, or video games, there is something about zombies that the global population can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s the fact that zombies represent humans in their most primal and terrifying form and the fact …

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