Linden Garcia

Linden Garcia is a video game journalist from the U.K. He’s covered everything from reviews, news, interviews, guides and editorials across a wide variety of websites and magazine publications. He’ll passionately defend the Dreamcast as the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming, and spends most of his time these days devotedly enlightening people on the internet as to why Titan Fall 2 was the better choice than Battlefield on that fateful October of 2016 and how VR is the future of gaming!

pistol whip style guide

Pistol Whip Style Guide

VR might not have yet launched us into the Ready Player One-style reality we’d hoped we’d have by now, but there’s one thing for sure: it’s redefined the rhythm game genre, making those clunky, space-hogging, musical instrument peripherals look like as big a joke as the Virtual Boy. Like that ill-fated piece of technology, none …

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Interview With Changing Day Studios

An Interview With Changing Day Studios – VR For The Autistic Community

As any VR enthusiast will attest to, the medium has a lot of untapped potential; we got a glimpse of what a full-fledged AAA title could look and play like with the revival of the Half-Life series, and titles like the recently released BONELAB showcased the wonders of physics to the world once again. Technology …

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Scariest VR Games

Top 10 Scariest VR Games

Introduction There’s something different about video game horror when compared to other forms of media. As opposed to books or films, games blur the line between protagonist and player; the horrifying experience is happening to both you and the character. Games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dead Space did a great deal to popularise …

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