Linden Garcia

Linden Garcia is a video game journalist from the U.K. He’s covered everything from reviews, news, interviews, guides and editorials across a wide variety of websites and magazine publications. He’ll passionately defend the Dreamcast as the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming, and spends most of his time these days devotedly enlightening people on the internet as to why Titan Fall 2 was the better choice than Battlefield on that fateful October of 2016 and how VR is the future of gaming!

Best Retro VR Games

Introduction It might seem a little odd to be seeking retro experiences on the most futuristic of gaming platforms, but in the weird and wonderful world of VR, nothing is out of bounds. Stunning realism and Matrix-style shootouts aside, some of the best fun I’ve had in VR has been either with mods or ports …

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What is Oculus Link?

Introduction For many years, VR fans have dreamt of the ultimate VR headset: something with a 360 FOV, a beautifully sharp display with no screen door effect, full sensory body tracking, and, of course, the ability to be used both portably and alongside a powerful gaming PC. We might be a way off from having …

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