Sanidhya Rao

Sanidhya is an avid gamer and a VR enthusiast. He specializes in VR tech specifically and has a penchant for reading articles on several multimedia devices and learning what they can offer to the VR medium. Outside of VR, Sandihya also loves Pokemon, Harry Potter and will often donate hours of his free time to chase Victory Royales in Fortnite.

Best Pokemon VR Games

Pokemon as a franchise has developed to a massive scale in 20 years. I still remember playing pokemon red on my Gameboy. To this date, I get excited by the enormous improvements in graphics, soundtrack, and the overall experience of the game each time a new pokemon game is released. Access to new technology has …

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Best Beat Saber Mods

Beat Saber is one of the most exciting, well-constructed, and innovative VR games. It’s what you’d imagine guitar hero was if it was VR and on steroids. You try to slice and strike music beats as they fly towards you to create songs and find your rhythm. If you’ve seen clips of the game or …

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Best VR for iRacing

iRacing is one of the best online games for realistic racing simulation. It’s modeled after reality and how cars feel and drive on different terrains and in different conditions. With all its focus on being realistic and the most accurate iteration of the actual thing, you’d naturally want to be as immersed in the game …

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