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Myst is truly one of the most amazing games ever created. While imitation is flattery in today’s gaming age, nothing really comes close to the world created by Myst over 20 years ago. It’s a mix of science fiction, steampunk, and just complete weirdness that really doesn’t even satisfy one genre, and thanks to VR, we actually get to experience it in person today. 

I first played Myst back when it was released in the 90s for the PC. At the time, there was nothing even resembling the level of graphics that Myst had to offer, and the unique lore mixed with the fascinating puzzles combined for one of the most affecting gaming experiences of my lifetime. To have access to it in VR is just an incredible achievement and one that you should definitely give a shot if you’re partial to that headset life. 

The environment is the star of the show, especially in Myst VR, but what makes it such an engaging experience is unlocking the secrets of the island by completing puzzles and discovering more and more of the mystery that lies before you. Let’s explore the various puzzles of the game. It should be noted that you have the option to play the game as it was designed in the first place or to have the puzzles be randomized for you. Since I can only help you with the solutions to puzzles that I’ve done myself, this guide is specifically for the way the game was designed and not randomized. 

Bottom Line Up Front

If you’ve never played Myst before, I think VR is the best possible way to try it for the first time. It’s an incredible world that has yet to be rivaled, in my opinion, and is one of the more interesting and clever games ever made. The puzzles are tough, but with this guide, you should be ready to take them on. 

In The Beginning

Marker Switches Puzzle

Myst doesn’t waste any time getting you into things after the iconic opening sequence. As soon as you gain control, walk around until you see the note on the ground. Pick it up and read the note to get a hint on where to go and what to do. Then, go to all the different marker switches you see in the area and reach out and put them in the on position. This should have all the levers facing up. Now, head over to the chamber that you’ll find right beside the dock. You should see a little meter here and, in it, the option to put numbers into it. Count up the marker switches and put the number into the panel. You should have 8, so that’s the number you want, but if you’re playing randomized, just count up whatever number you had, and it will work the same. 

After doing this, go to the button by the pool. Pressing it will get you a message from Atrus telling you the next task and puzzle. 

Book Puzzle

Book Puzzle

This one is a bit of a pain, but it can be done fairly quickly if you know what you’re doing. In the library, you need to put the red and blue pages into the red and blue books. Then you need to look through the books that aren’t burnt and take note of the symbols in each. After you’ve done this, go to the map and hold the button there until the line goes red. 

Turn back to the bookshelf, and you’ll see a picture, and upon interacting with it, a door will open. You need to follow the passage and get in the elevator and from there, look out the window to see where the book is located and write down the keys to the book. 

Here’s the annoying part, you have to do this for the mechanical, Stoneship, Channelwood, and Selenetic books to complete this puzzle. Knowing what to do helps, but the process of activating each one is pretty tedious. Luckily, you’re in VR and not on your computer, so the smooth movement should at least take some of the boredom out of the situation. When you’ve finished, press the picture of the door, and you’ll be home free. 

The Mechanical Age and the Clock Puzzle

The Mechanical Age and the Clock Puzzle

After completing the book puzzle, head to the end of the island opposite the library, and you’ll find a large clock. The puzzle here involves moving the marker switch to change the time on the clock. Each dial responds to a different time on the clock. If you randomized this, god speed, but for those who stuck with the original solutions, you need to put in the numbers 2, 2, and 1. Once you’re done, head down to the dock, and you’ll find a passage to the Mechanical Age. 

Once you’re here, you’ll find a number of rooms. We want the ones with the thrones. There is a door here that contains either red or blue pages. Depending on the room you pick, the color will be different. In the blue room, you’ll find a bizarre puzzle board contraption that you can play around with; keep it in mind because we need it for this puzzle. 

Head to the fortress control center, which is at the back of the fortress. You now can shift the entire area, and each time you do, you will see a different symbol. I suggest you write these down somewhere. Head back to the south of the fortress and find the puzzle board. In order to finish the puzzle, put in each of the symbols, and you’ll get access to the Myst Linking book, which returns you home. 

The Stone Ship Age, Lighthouse Puzzle

The Stone Ship Age

Head off to the planetarium when you return and turn the lights off when you get there. You will see a dentist’s chair and a device above it where you need to enter the following information. Oct. 11, 1984, 10:04 AM, Jan. 17, 1207, 5:46 AM, Nov. 23, 9791, 6:57 PM. With this done, you need to write down the pattern of stars that appears with each date. Back in the 90s, this was an absolute nightmare to figure out. In VR? This is pretty easy; you just need to be attentive. I carry a little notepad when playing and just activate flashlight mode on my headset in order to write things down when I need to. It’s more immersive that way and keeps the headset on in the process. 

Now that you’ve done that, go to the birdbath, and you’ll see that three buttons have the constellations that you need. Press them all, and the ship in the fountain will rise. Head in there, and you’ll find the linking book to the next area, the Stoneship Age. 

It’s lighthouse time. You’ll see a telescope in front of you; write down the degree of the lighthouse here. It should be between 130 and 140, so basically, 135 is the exact location you’re looking for here. 

After you do this, go to the pump and get rid of all the water. This is a bit unwieldy to do, but just keep pushing the buttons until the water is gone. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck and unable to progress. Once the water is gone, go to the lighthouse and pull the switch on the chest. Head back to the pump and do the whole thing over again, but this time, fill the lighthouse as much as you can. Head back to where you entered the age, and you’ll find a key, use it to open the door up the ladder. 

Remember that degrees number you wrote down earlier? Now you’ll use it; if you go down the tunnel near the telescope, you’ll find a half sheet of paper. It is VERY important you write down exactly what you see here. This part doesn’t get randomized from my experience, so it should be the same for both. 

After you’ve done that, open the door on the wall halfway through the tunnel. You’ll find a strange-looking board here, and you’ll notice that the board is 360 degrees and full of buttons. Hmm, see where we’re going here? Press the button at 135 degrees. Then get rid of the water in the ship and head down. Press the table, and you’ll be headed back to Myst once again. 

Channelwood Age, The Safe and the Note

Channelwood Age Myst VR Puzzles Guide

You’re sailing right along at this point. I would like to point out that Myst is a game to be experienced on your own at the start. Yes, it’s challenging, but it’s supposed to be, and all of the answers are generally hinted at in the environment at some point, so keep searching if you can’t find a solution. If you’ve reached your wit’s end and you just want to progress, then yes, consult this guide, and I can get you to the finish line. 

Alright, back to it. Back in Myst, return the pages you collected to their books and open the safe on the wall in the cabin. The combo here is 724. After you’ve done this, grab a match and light it and light the furnace with it. You’ll see a wheel, and you need to turn it right all the way. You’ll hear machinery going and then silence. Once silence hits, turn it the other way and turn the furnace off. Now you have to run. It’s a lot easier in VR compared to old Myst, so quickly head outside to the big tree and go through the passage in the tree and go all the way to the bottom to gain access to the Channelwood age. 

This is one of the most amazing locations in the game, so drink it in while you can. The big puzzle here is these yellow dots you’ll find on the ground near the windmill. Basically, you need to line up the dots to line up the pipe you need to power to go through. This is a feel-it-out kind of puzzle, but in Myst VR, this can be tricky due to how fickle the controls can be. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually power the elevator. 

Remember that paper we wrote down? Well, if you didn’t write it down, here is what the first half of it said

“The vault is lo the

Island of

achieved very

Instructions are

each of the marker

turn every one of

“off” position

a final step to

there to the”

So we’ve got that in tow. Now, head to the elevator and channel the power to the stairway using the lever. You’ll find the red or blue pages here and the second half of the note. 

The final note reads, “The vault is located in very plain, very plain view on the island of Myst, and access can be achieved very easily if the simple instructions are followed. First, locate each of the marker switches on the island. Turn every one of these switches to the “off” position. Then, go to the dock and as a final step, turn the marker switch there to the off position. 

When you finally get the full note, the whole thing seems rather obvious, but I remember really struggling with this one in the 90s but having a much easier time actually seeing the note in front of me in VR for whatever reason. Anyway, go back to the ground and manipulate the power to the elevator again. Use it to get back to Myst. 

The Selenitic Age, The Voltaic Combination, and the Toughest Puzzles Yet

The Selenitic Age

The Selenitic age is the final one you’ll be visiting in Myst VR, and it’s one of the most challenging. Getting there is a puzzle in itself. To do it, grab the Channelwood pages and go to the brick shed. When you’re back on Myst. at the controls, you’re going to need to press each button and write down each number that pops up. The key here is to make sure that each side equals 59. Unfortunately, there is no set way to do this, so just mark down each of the voltages when you press a button and do some simple math to add up to 59. If you happen to mess up, you can fix the blown fuse by climbing up the brick towers and throwing the switches. It’s the easiest puzzle we have had to this point, though, so I’m trusting you’ll take care of it. 

Now, go back to the library and find the keyboard in the Selenitic book. It’s a drawing, so do you know what that means? Write it down to the best of your ability. There are numbers on the keyboard, and those are needed for an upcoming sequence. You’ll now need to head off to the rocket and, in there, press the keys in the order that they are drawn. Each key has a sound, and you need to put the same sound on the panel in that sequence. If you made your drawing correctly, the order should be obvious. Once you do that, the book to the Selenitic Age will appear in the window. 

The sound theme will be heavily involved here too. When you get here, you’ll see five buttons that represent sounds. Here’s where things get tricky. If you can, record these sounds on your phone. Once you do this, grab the red and blue pages. After you’ve got the sounds and the pages, go to the wind button’s tunnel. Open the contraption here and check the sound for each picture. Now, with each sound, you will see an arrow that should be flashing. The goal here is to press the buttons till none are flashing. Once that’s done, and you have all the sound, press that big button. The sounds will play in a particular order. You can record it, or you can write down the type of sound each one is as they each pertain to a specific kind of sound. You’ve got droplets of water, fire crackling, a clock ticking, music, and fierce wind. 

With these in tow, head to the brick shed you started in and put the sound in the order you heard them. Now go into the rocket and hit forward. Using the sounds, you will now figure out what direction you’re going to go. Each sound correlates to a direction. You will need to test all of them to figure out what direction you’re heading. The order is north, west, north, east, east, south, south, west, southwest, west, northwest, northeast, north, and then northeast. Take your time doing this because if you mess up, you have to backtrack, and it’s a real pain to do so. After you do this right, you’ll get the linking book back to Myst. 

The Final Puzzle, The End

The final puzzle takes place in Myst. Once you place the Selenetic pages back, you’ll be spoken to by the books. They will tell you a pattern to enter in the fireplace. Now, that note from earlier? We need it to find the missing book page. Follow the steps that are outlined in the note and get the missing page and give it to the man in the green book. This is the end of the game. There are three other endings, but this is considered the “good” ending. The others, I will let you find out on your own. 

Tips and Tricks

Myst is one of those games that you could legitimately get stuck on for days at a time when it first came out. Now, you’ve got a fallback plan in this guide if things don’t go your way. In VR, though, you have the advantage of combing every nook and cranny of this world for the answers to these various puzzles. Use that extended amount of freedom to try and solve these puzzles before taking the easy way out. Trust me. It’s so much more rewarding figuring these out on your own. 

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Question: Is Myst VR a Direct Port?

Anwer: Yes, but it also includes full locomotion now, so you can explore the world at your leisure. 

Question: Are the Sequels to Myst in VR as Well?

Anwer: At the moment, no, only Myst VR is available to play

Question: Are There Changes to Myst VR Compared to the Original?

Anwer: There is an option to randomize the puzzles, which veterans of the game will likely want to choose for a more fresh feeling experience. 


Get ready for a one-of-a-kind journey when you boot up Myst for the first time. While some games involve puzzles from time to time, Myst is one gigantic puzzle. From the opening sequence, you’re given a task to figure out the solution to and the entire game is a bunch of small puzzles that lead you to the answer of the big one. Within each of these lies an incredible world that’s fully available to explore in VR, and considering I first experienced the game on a flat screen over 20 years ago, we’ve been spoiled. Just remember, patience is king here, and all the answers are always just relying on your ability to explore. Indulge the game, and get it.

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