Daniel Meierer

Daniel Meierer got a taste of Vr back in 2020 and has been rabidly obsessed ever since. He has been experimenting and trying out every genre he can put his hands on. Determined to get the most out of his headset and the PC he has it linked to, he has experienced Vr titles you have heard about and ones you never even dreamed of. Some of his favorite experiences include blasting baddies with explosive arrows in Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, building bases in Vivecraft, and learning of a lightsaber with a built-in blaster existing in the Blade and Sorcery mods.

Half Life Alyx Character Guide: The Only Character Guide You’ll Need

Half-Life Alyx is full of characters who are familiar faces to the Franchise and new to Alyx’s adventures alike. Given the time between installments, you’d be forgiven for not being caught up on who all these familiar faces are. You’d also be forgiven for mixing up Gary and Larry. They have very little in common, …

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Cities VR Review

Cities: VR is Fast Travel Game’s attempt to bring to VR one of the leading city building and management games, Cities: Skylines. While there have been a few games in the building and simulation genre, sometimes called ‘tycoon,’ brought to Virtual Reality. This is the first time a well-known franchise has jumped from flat-screen to …

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Compound VR Guide

Compound VR is a rogue-lite shooter available for PCVR. It is a game that has you sneaking from the sewers of the titular Compound, tearing your way through its many goons worthy of a supervillain, and hunting down the villainous CEO. This guide will lead you through unlocking its many unique weapons, understanding the enemies …

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Half Life Alyx Enemies Guide: Every Enemy You’ll Find

Half-Life Alyx is the franchise’s first entry into the Half-Life series. In honor of this feat, it is absolutely full of every enemy that has even slightly graced a player’s nightmares or frustrations. Unfortunately, dealing with so many enemies can be frustrating without a guide. Worry not; I am personally well-versed in dealing with interdimensional …

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