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Superhot is a staple in indie gaming. So it was a pleasant surprise to everyone to find out Superhot VR was going to be one of the first games to prove just what VR can do. But, of course, it doesn’t hurt that that ‘time moves when you move’ mechanic lends itself beautifully to Virtual Reality.

In Super Hot, you are a specially trained agent. Hilariously, you use a VR helmet to control an ‘avatar’ in this story’s natural world. You can take out hits from an unknown organization whose only true goal is to destroy ‘The Pyramid.’ This avatar is what protects you from death and liability.

Time will only progress when your hands or head is moving. Otherwise, everything will be ghostly still, allowing you to fine-tune your aim or take a moment to access the situation. Sometimes you need a little more guidance than just a few extra seconds. 

This is why I’m here to push you straight to the pyramid and the endlessly addictive modes only available once you beat the story. 

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Time moves when you move.
  • Steal weapons from nearby enemies.
  • Prioritize shotgunners.
  • Aim thrown objects a little higher than you might expect.
  • Don’t. Get. Hit.
  • Learn to multitask. Both of your hands should always be in motion.
  • Super. HOT. Super. HOT.


The most extensive advice for defense is to remember the key mechanic. Time only moves when you move. Use this to plan accordingly and keep your head in the game. 

Bullet Deflection

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I admit this was learned through a reflexive fear of bullets.

Bullets will move slowly, and, even before that, you will have time to look down the chamber of the enemy’s gun. Simply put, an item between you and that bullet. An object will shatter immediately, while any weapon will be invincible to bullets. 

Ducking, Dodging, & Cover

Perpendicular Dodging
Pistol included for scale.

All three of these techniques are related to each other. Duck and dodge to avoid hits based on where the bullet is coming from. If the enemy isn’t close enough to you, perform a ‘windmill Dodge’ where you move your upper body like a windmill while crouching. 

All the levels will include some manner of cover. This cover may be faulty, and the enemy might flank you, but it is better than being naked in the breeze. 

Weapon Stealing

Gun Steal Bullet block Combo
Multi-tasking is key.

If an enemy is close enough, you can reach out and pluck the weapon from their hand. This momentarily disorients them, but they will quickly snap out of it and rush you unarmed. 


The best defense is an endless offense.


At least he won’t have to worry about that in the morning. Or the morning, for that matter.

I am afraid there is no range to practice on until you reach the endless modes. All you need to know for open-sight aiming is to Take the U, put the I in the middle, and make a W. All guns only have a set amount of ammunition before they run out. For you. Enemies have unlimited bullets. 

The pistol will shoot one bullet at a time. The uzi will fire three to four shots which you can spread by moving the gun as you hold the trigger. The shotgun is capable of two cone-shaped sprays.


I know Kung-Fu
Dojos are frustratingly difficult to keep clean.

Throwing weapons is never advised if there is an object near. Empty guns can be used for deflection if a full one isn’t available, so they should be thrown as a last resort. Regardless of the item, it will kill the enemy instantly upon impact. Objects will be destroyed if hit by an oncoming bullet in mid-air. On the other hand, weapons will deflect a shot and keep flying without changing its momentum.


SH Head Crush
Crunchy, yet satisfying.

Press the grip and trigger to make a fist. Send it flying for anything red. Be careful not to be hit by the enemy’s fists before you hit them with yours.

Head A-Splode

Pyramid Destruction
The leading product in Pyramid Extermination.

Starting from level 12: <REDACTED>, you will gain the ability to physically blow up enemies’ heads. This power takes a moment to recharge. Unfortunately, it also takes a moment to activate, so plan accordingly. 

Head-Explosions are done by holding both hands out to your intended enemy and holding both the trigger and grip simultaneously. 

Story Missions

Destroy ALL the Pyramids

/1\ The Fall

An easy level to show off the mechanics, use the gun you are given to take out the enemy in front of you. Easy-peasy.

/2\ Cage Fight

  • The first stage has you start by punching an enemy. This will spawn you into a level with two enemies. Pay attention to which one is closer, throwing a punch, and which one your first enemy is falling towards. Prioritize the first enemy. Duck and punch their knee if you are worried about being hit, then follow with a strike to his buddy. 
  • A corridor with three enemies might seem concerning while fist fighting. Thankfully, they are nicely spread out. Take the right one out while ducking, as the one on your left will close the gap quickly. This will leave our last friend, who is no match for our fury now.

/3\ Corridor

Another level to teach you the mechanics. Follow the Path of Neo and start windmill dodging. Once the enemy gets close enough, steal his weapon and finish him.

/4\ Dojo

How good are you at throwing ninja stars? Well, too bad. Your weapons are ninja stars. Luckily, none of these enemies are armed. This will give you a chance to practice your throw. You will want to aim slightly higher than you might be expecting, but don’t fret if you miss. They will just get close enough for you to unleash your kung-fu on their faces.

/5\ Airport

  • You start off with a gun, but so does the enemy directly across from you. There are two unarmed guards to your right, but ignore them until the armed enemy is incapacitated. Either shoot him before he can react or block the bullet with either your gun or one of the nearby objects. Take out the two chuckleheads at your leisure. 
  • Get Read for a Fist Fight. Immediately take the red guy in front of you, then pay attention to the guy on your right. The second guy in front of you is likely winding up a punch, duck, and hit his knee cap before quickly hitting the last guy in the groin. 
  • You need to grab something as quickly as possible. You will want two items. Use either to block the enemy ahead of you as he will shoot near immediately. Then throw the second item at him, which will send his gun flying towards you. Take it and kill the two unarmed goons.
  • Quickly duck behind the console and take out the goon to your left. The farthest enemy will keep shooting until you take out his friends, so wait for the guy on your right to come to you and take him out. This will encourage the armed loon to advance, allowing you to throw one of the objects at him, steal his gun, or jump from cover to punch him.

/6\ Mall

  • Only one enemy is guarding the roof. Take him out.
  • There are four enemies, but only the one at the far back has a gun. Either take him out first or use cover to lure the unarmed trio to your to take them out how you see fit. The two on your left will be at your throat before the other. 
  • You Start with a gun to your head, but a quick snag will handle things. The man on your left should be your target even before the idiot who held a gun to you. He will break the line of sight to the armed man behind him while the man to your right is unarmed. Prioritize shooting the guy on the left. Either hit the man you stole the gun from or let him catch a bullet for you, then deal with the last armed gunman and the final survivor in whatever way you wish. 
  • The pair on your right are already armed, so focus on them. The one rushing through the center frame is hunting for a gun, so take him out after you have cleared the right. The last enemy is yours for the harvest.

/7\ Chinatown

  • Take out the man in front of you. An armed enemy will pop out from your left and right, so kill them in any order. 
  • Three enemies will rush from around you. Go from left to right as the enemy to your far right has his line of sight blocked by the jars. 
  • As soon as you grab the two shurikens, throw them to either side of you. If not confident in this high-level maneuver of blind throwing, prioritize the man on your right, steal his knife, and kill the man on your left. You can now take out the unarmed hoodlums with the knife-wielding enemies gone. 
  • Punch the guy trying to steal your precious gun. With this failure out of the way, take your weapons of choice and look to your left. Three fools will pop out, with one of the far-right having the dangerous shotgun. Take him out first, then finish the level killing the final two.

/8\ Helipad

  • Another easy start, just punch the grub out of the helicopter.
  • Ignore the man on the left for now. The one who rushes out from the right has a gun. Block the bullet, take him out, then the unarmed guy. You aren’t done yet. Quickly focus on the helicopter and start shooting. This enemy is a hint hard to hit, but all it takes is one. Duck down and hold your two pistols out in an X when he shoots. This will deflect a shotgun blast.
  • There is a guy to your immediate right on the roof. Take him out, then the one below him to the left, and finally the guy running down the stairs. Use the crate for cover.
  • The guy on your right down the stairs will fire at you first, so prioritize him. The two in the back, one starts out behind a pillar, are both armed and need to be prioritized before the far left enemy, who is unarmed. 
  • Hold the line and pay attention. You just need to grab the pyramid before the helicopter lands on you.

/9\ Dark Alley

  • Shank the enemy in front of you and librate him of his shotgun. Blast the man to your left and duck next to the crate beside you. Using this as cover, focus on the uzi-wielding enemy, then finish the unarmed goon.
  • Punch the man with the knife and take it. Let the armed gunman to your left get a little closer, then throw the bottle at him. This will launch his gun at you. All the while, use the knife to deflect bullets. Catch the gun and shoot the enemy at the fire escape. 
  • Steal the weapon from before you, then shoot the guy down the hallway. An unarmed enemy comes around the corner, and either rushes you or attempts to pick up the fallen shotgun. End him. 
  • Catch the pistol and smack the tomahawk enemy with it. Then take the tomahawk and use this exclusively to block the bullets of the armed gunmen down the alley. Focus on the man with the shotgun on the right, then finish the uzi-wielder on the left. 
  • They think putting us in a room with a firing squad can kill us. The fools. Wait for ALL THREE to fire, then duck to the left. They will fire again, meaning you want to quickly shift to the right. The middle gunman should have made it close enough in frustration for you to steal the gun. Block the bullets coming for you from the two in the back, then kill them at your leisure. 

/10\ Graveyard

  •  A lone guard looks over his new grave. See to it he makes his reservation. 
  • An enemy will be on your immediate left, steal his shotgun and use it to crack him across the head. Save the bullets. Grab an uzi and peek around the right of the grave. Three will be rushing for you with shotguns, which need to be ended. 
  • The last firing squad failed, so they upgraded to shotguns. Duck down to the left once they pull the trigger to let the spray fly over you. Immediately grab the pyramid that appears. 
  • You are now on a balcony overlooking the doomed trio. Use the balcony railing to cover the shotgun blasts and mow them down for their sins. 
  • Time to escape. Pull your arsenal from the trunk and prioritize the man on the left, thanks to his shotgun. Follow it up with a shotgun blast to ensure the gun sneaking up on the balcony can’t kill you. Finally, finish the two on the right to end the level.

/11\ Corpo Office

  • Grab the gun from the drawer on your left while using the paperweight you spawn in with to block the bullet. Don’t get comfortable once you take him out, though. Grab his gun and immediately turn to your right to be met with two enemies. The enemy furthest from you is armed and should be your priority.
  • Grab the ashtray from your left and pop open the door. To your right will be an armed gunman who will shoot immediately. Either duck or block with the ashtray. Steal his gun and take him out, followed by the goon behind him. Don’t relax yet; the elevator behind these two will open, revealing another gunman. Take him down.
  • Act fast. You are in an elevator with three men. The ones to the left and right both have guns. Grab their weapons and take them out. 
  • You are still in the elevator, but your only weapons are a series of shuriken to your left. Remember, aim higher than you would expect. Stay close to the shuriken wall as the doors open and quickly take out the uzi-wielding gunman visible. Behind the left elevator door will be another uzi-wielding enemy and a shotgun wielder. Prioritize the uzi gunman as the shotgunner will continue to be blocked by the door. Once both uzi-gunmen are cleared, the shotgunner will rush for the elevator, giving you a clear shot. 
  • Dinner is officially ruined. Take it out on the man to your left, so he doesn’t take the shotgun. Quickly take the guy on your immediate right out. The final enemy will be rushing for a pistol on the opposite side of the table. Make that his last mistake.


  • This first scene taught you how to explode heads with your mind. You just have to do what the voices tell you to.
  • There is a time limit on head asplodes. Focus on exploding the gunman’s head while ducking under the unarmed goon’s punch. Take the goon out with a simple hit; we don’t have all day to be trapped in a laboratory prison. 
  • Two gunmen are up top. Kill one of them, but the other will begin to shoot at you. Begin to windmill dodge to avoid being hit. You might need to duck to the left and right, but wait until your power is recharged that take the last one out. 

/13\ Construction Yard

  • There are only three unarmed men, and they dared call you a dog. Prove you fight like one.
  • Three enemies are down below. Use the stack of construction materials to take cover from the furthest enemy as you pick off the two directly in front of you. Use a nearby Hammer for deflection. 
  • Grab two objects and duck. The gunman to your left has a shotgun, but the construction materials will cover you. Throw an object at the enemy before you while using the second object as defense. Now grab the gun he drops and wait for the shotgunner to unload before popping up to take him out. 
  • Crouch so that you are protected from all sides. Now arm yourself with a gun and a bottle. This bottle is for defense. Start from the right and pick off the enemies. The last enemy is trying to flank you on your left and will not fire until he gets there.
  • You have two hammers; he has one shotgun. Throw a hammer at him and duck to avoid his shotgun blast simultaneously. 
  • There are four enemies to your right. The one second from the right has a shotgun and, of course, should be prioritized. The rest can be taken out at your leisure while using the given cover.

/14\ Foundry

  • You have two uzis and four men. Aim from the bottom and pull the spray upwards to the pair up top. 
  • Duck immediately, or get your head crushed by a moving grater. Prioritize the enemy on the right as h has the shotgun. The furthest one on the left is also armed and should b killed next. The unarmed guy running at you should b decked when he comes in range. Hide behind the tech console if they are an issue; the gunmen will circle around to try and reach you. 
  • Grab the knife and hold it in front of the enemy’s gun until you can lean close enough to steal it. End him and take out the gunman on the catwalk. An enemy who is also armed will come in from the right and should be ended next. The one rushing in is unarmed and can be killed with melee when in range. A vehicle will run in once these three are dead, followed by two men. The one on the right is armed and the first that needs to go. A shotgunner will rush out from the right and needs to follow. Your final target will be the last unarmed enemy. 

/15\ Airplane

  • Take out the pilots with the ax. Concerningly easy. 
  • Quickly take out the guy with the knife on your left. Follow that up with a punch to the knife guy on the right. Finally, take the falling blades and use them on the pair of unarmed goons rushing you. 
  • Grab the gun and immediately turn to your right. There is a gunman there; the bar wall will block the other enemies from harming you. Kill him and take his gun just in case for the flighty shotgunner down the aisle.
  • Grab the gun from the seat in front of you and use the aisle seat for cover. Shoot the enemy directly ahead of you, then find the shotgunner at the end of the hall and end him. The final two will be considerably easier without him. 
  • Duck down to protect yourself from the shotgunner as you hit the unarmed goon. Then pop up and take out the shotgunner once you have heard him let off his shot. 
  • You have a guy with a knife already on you, so finish him. Killing this guy causes the hatch to your left to open. Take the gun from the enemy, who is rounding from behind the knife guy. Then quickly turn as the hatch finishes lowering to take out the last man in your way from a D.B. Cooper exit.  

/16\ Desperados Bar

  • Punch the rowdy guy before you and start dancing to avoid the bullets. What is expected of you is to dance-dodge until the next scene. If you explode the head of the enemy on the right, you will be able to catch his gun and kill the two to his left before the scene can finish.
  • If you didn’t kill them in the last scene, enact your revenge now. 
  • Grab two pool balls. The first one is to chuck at the shotgunner as you duck. The second is for if you miss. Unarmed goons will be circling around the billiards table to finish them off while you’re at it. 
  • The service here is terrible. The bartender has you up on the bar with a gun to your head. Steal it and make him rue the day. To this guy’s left and right are two armed enemies. Take them out quickly in any order.
  • Two shotguns are behind the bar. Pick them up and take out the enemies from your left and right. Quickly replace any spent guns and keep blasting until this bar is classy again.

/17\ Outer Heaven

  • Grab both knives and immediately slash them to both sides of you. You have two gunners on either side of you, and you need to kill them immediately.
  • Grab two guns and duck behind cover. The three of them have guns, but they are only pistols. Pick them off.
  • Take the shotgun but don’t fire it. Crack the enemy over the head with it instead. Aim for the two armed gunmen that will appear overhead and try to get them both before the shotgun is empty.
  • You have five enemies with Uzis and ample cover. Crouch down and prioritize the two on the same level as you.
  • Grab your guns and duck. The enemy opposite the console you use for cover has a shotgun. Kill the enemy to your right, then finish off the shotgunner now that you two have some time alone. 

/18\ Restaurant

  • The enemy on the left will get to you sooner, so dice him, then slice the enemy on your right. That leaves one last enemy on your left wielding a hatchet. 
  • Grab a skillet with your left hand and a gun with your right. Block the gunner on your far left with the skillet so you can aim and take out the enemy next to him. Clear the gunman to snag his pistol. An enemy will be rushing onto the balcony to your upper right. Ignore the unarmed enemy to finish the balcony one, then end the scene with the unarmed goon. 
  • Steal the enemy’s weapon, then lean left until he is between you and the gunman on your right. Kill the gunman behind the glass window. The enemy you disarmed should have been taken out as your meat shield, so honor their sacrifice by killing the gunman directly behind him. A shotgun wielder should make it to the door in the far back of the room by now, finish him.
  • Melee kill the knife-wielder as you grab your weapons. Shoot the man in between the jars, then the two behind him.
  • Kill the shotgunner to your immediate right while you crouch behind your cover as soon as possible. You will now have three shotgunners to worry about in the distance. Don’t forget the first enemy’s gun is near you if you run out of bullets and find yourself missing with every shuriken. Make liberal use of your cover. 

/19\ The Pyramid

  • Grab a hammer and a knife and shank the enemy directly in front of you. Throw a knife at the man wielding a pistol, then block the shotgunner with your hammer while crouching. Catch the gun and take the shotgunner and the guy up top on the scaffolding. 
  • Grab a knife and shank the guy in front of you; take his knife. You will need it for defense. Take cover and lure the middle enemy closer until you take him out with your knife and take his gun. Finish the last two enemies with his pilfered pistol.
  • Steal a shotgun, club the owner, and shoot the guy to your right immediately. Take cover and shoot the guy you can see through the gap. Finish off the final two goons of this scene to move on. 
  • This is the last scuffle. Where you prove your merit and metal. Stay on your toes and prioritize the closest enemies while keeping yourself behind cover. Replace your gun the moment you see an advantage to snag one, and never relent. 
  • Destroy the Pyramid.


Question: How do you Unlock Endless Mode, Hard Core, Don’t Die, Speedruns, and Headshot Only in SuperHot VR?

Answer: These extra modes are only unlocked after beating the story mode’s 19 levels. You can access them using the mode floppy disks that will appear in front of your computer after completion. 

Question: Is Superhot VR the Same Game as Superhot?

Answer: No, Superhot VR might share the world and mechanics of the original flatscreen counter-parts, but Superhot Vr was made exclusively for virtual reality. 

Question: Where is Superhot Vr Available? Is Superhot VR Available for Quest 2 Users?

Answer: Superhot VR is available on the following marketplaces, and is also available to play on a Viveport Infinity subscription. Superhot Vr is available on both the Rift and Quest platforms. However, Superhot Vr does not support Crossbuy.
Oculus Quest 2 Marketplace
Oculus Rift Marketplace
Steam Marketplace
Playstation Marketplace
Viveport Service


You did it, agent. You destroyed the pyramid, you unlocked the extra floppy disks, and you took on the endless shimmering red goons. You truly are the most super hot of any of the agents out there. Mostly because you killed all of them. Don’t fret though, there is plenty more fun and difficulty to be found in the new floppy disks that have been laid before you.

These will just double down on the difficulty in one way or another. Though that disk with endless written on it repeatedly looks like it might just have some replay value left in it.

Until you want to throw that old headset on again, have a marvelous one.

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