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VR is finally catching on as the incredible platform it’s always had the potential to be. Now, you can find countless amounts of games of all kinds of genres to satisfy just about any VR need you could possibly have. One of the unexpected megahits to come out of the VR genre is an incredible achievement that is VR Chat. Despite seeming like just a social experiment at first glance, VR Chat is probably one of the most open-ended games in the history of video games.

VR Chat is basically what Minecraft is to VR games. You have a perfect social space with an endless amount of variety in all the things you can do. You can download countless kinds of different avatars to play as. While playing, it’s not all that crazy to see characters like Goku from Dragonball Z playing pool with Batman. It’s one of the wildest and funniest experiences in VR, and there are tons of games to discover in the game as well.

While there is only one VR Chat, there are many games that can give you a similar experience. I’ve found many VR games that are just as engaging both socially and in terms of content. Here are all the games that are like VR Chat

Selection Criteria

  • Great Social Games
  • Fun Game Modes
  • Multiplayer
  • Endlessly replayable

Bottom Line Up Front

The best game-like VR Chat is definitely Pavlov. It gives you countless types of games to play and social experiences. It is constantly evolving while also being powered by a passionate and creative community that continually adds to the base game.

Best Games Like VR Chat

1- Rec Room

Best Games Like VR Chat Rec Room

Rec Room is definitely adjacent to VR Chat regarding the type of experiences available. While the aesthetic is definitely more geared towards children due to the cutesy appearance of the characters, you can choose to play as that doesn’t stop it from having an astounding amount of content and games to explore.

You can enjoy a variety of sports in the base area like ping pong or basketball. Still, the real juice of the game comes from the genuinely endless amount of games to choose from that were created by other players. You can explore Hogwartz Castle, mess around with weapons in the Bloodborne world and even engage in several Fortnite-inspired battle royale games.

The variety is endless, and the social experience is fantastic. You’ll be sharing these worlds with tons of other players.

2- Pavlov

Pavlov is one of those games that is almost too good to be true. You pretty much get the entire Call of Duty experience here in complete VR for a fraction of what a licensed Call of Duty would cost, and the result has turned into one of the most amazing games in VR.

It’s similar to VR Chat because of the excellent social experience it provides and a ton of different game modes.

You have your options for Team Deathmatch and the like. Still, you can also try out game modes like TTT, which has a team of terrorists and a team of detectives trying to figure out who is on which team through little else but talking to other players. It leads to some hilarious and tense scenarios.

The community has turned this game into a never-ending source of content. One of the most addictive recent games I’ve experienced in it is basically the experience of DayZ, which puts you and a bunch of other players on a map filled with zombies and challenges you to survive against both forces. There are also options for battle royale-type games, Call of Duty Zombies style games, and so much more that are being added by the day that it’s impossible to even list them all.

You also get incredibly sharp shooting mechanics, which feel realistic as can be while also requiring you to unload and reload each gun in a completely different fashion, adding another level of skill to the game. For those who love the freedom of VR Chat but want a little more grit and action with the social serving, Pavlov has got you covered. 

3- AltSpace VR

For those who love the incredible variety in VR Chat but might be looking for a more chill experience or one that is catered a bit more to the adult crowd, AltSpace is an excellent alternative. Instead of the crazy videogame experiences you might be having in VR Chat, AltSpace VR provides a fantastic amount of worlds that you can not only hang out with others in, but you can also attend music events, entire parties, plan work meetings all from the comfort of your VR headset.

This is definitely a more mature version of VR Chat. In many ways, it’s a preview of what’s likely in store for our world once VR hits the mainstream fever pitch that it will inevitably have.

4- No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the wildest experiences in all of VR. You can explore millions of procedurally generated planets that all have random and wild alien life on them, and it’s one of the most genuinely awe-inducing experiences I’ve had in VR. I have lost hours and hours just soaring through the galaxy, taking in the fantastic sights and sounds this game has to offer.

In terms of profound experiences in VR, No Man’s Sky takes the cake as approaching these mysterious new planets in VR is incredible. Each world has a ton of secrets to uncover and new species to encounter. The expansions also add on an enormous amount of content. My favorite is expeditions, which send you on story-based campaigns that have their own planets, enemies, and storylines to follow.

The freedom here is just outstanding. You could strictly just be a space salesman shopping all your materials to different aliens if you wanted. You could also be a space pirate, a peaceful traveler, and so much more. The possibilities are almost endless. It also has a massive multiplayer component. You can talk to tons of different players in the enormous multiplayer hub area available to you in the game.

Being able to experience this fantastic game world with a few friends is nothing short of a magical experience and one that you should definitely try if the VR Chat experience is starting to roam thin.

5- Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is Facebook or Meta’s venture into the VR metaverse for the first time, and with that comes massive expectations. For one, it’s piggybacking off the already fully established VR Chat, so it starts off behind them already in terms of sheer content.

What Horizon Worlds has going for it, though, is the social aspect, as it allows you to link up with any friends on Meta through Horizon Worlds as long as they have a headset. Once you’re in the game, you can walk around, customize your avatar, jump into different worlds with different games and attend concerts and other kinds of art shows as well.

Meta is banking on Horizon Worlds big time. The best part is that, like VR Chat, Horizon Worlds is entirely free, so keep an eye on this one as it’s likely to only get better as time goes on.

6- Anyland

It’s definitely not one of the more popular VR games in the genre. Still, Anyland strongly rivals VR Chat in just about everything besides the player base. Any land actually predates VR Chat in terms of when it was released. In many ways, it’s the more sophisticated game.

Any land emphasizes the ability to build the world that you get to explore, which means you’re going to have to know what you’re doing to build something. This includes the scripting of actual things too, so if you’re hardcore into that sort of thing, this place will be your dreamland.

It’s been out for over 5 years, has tons of user-made content to explore, and still enjoys a decent player base. It’s also a free game, so there is no risk and trying it. England might be the most ambitious sandbox VR game that nobody knows about.

7- Roblox VR

Roblox has been taking over the gaming world for the past year or so, and there is no surprise that it’s now looking to dominate the VR genre as well. Robox’s calling card is the ability to offer tons of different experiences regardless of the kinds of genres you like.

One experience will have you hanging out in a diner where you can serve people food or just hang out and talk with friends, while another one will give you a full-on laser tag game. There are also scary experiences, melee fighting games, shooting games, and sports too.

The variety here is just insane, and it’s all brought to life with Roblox’s charming avatar characters. No matter what genre of fan you are, Roblox will undoubtedly have something to keep your attention on, and it’s just addictive in VR as it is in the regular game. While it’s definitely not a game built from the ground up for VR, the implementation here is just incredible to witness, and it’s already a massive community that is only getting bigger by the day.

8- Swords of Gurrah

Swords of Gurrah is a one-of-a-kind game in VR, and that’s a pretty tough thing to do considering it’s in its 7th year in the mainstream gaming world. This game gives you the only multiplayer melee fighting online experience.

The physics here are pretty amazing, and the challenge is palpable as well. You’ll wander from room to room and have giant games of people all talking and hanging out in mutual areas before the host starts the game. This experience can feel a lot like VR Chat at times. The combat here is fantastic and revolves around a unique system with the blades of each weapon breaking when hit while giving you the option to turn them solid to block attacks. The back and forth is great, the community is vibrant and helpful, and new game modes appear.

You can also customize your avatar to create some of the coolest-looking characters I’ve seen in VR. If all of this hasn’t convinced you to give it a try, the Discord page is beneficial and lively, and they regularly host massive 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments that include cash prizes.

Swords of Gurrah should definitely be part of the budding VR E-Sports genre sooner than later, as it takes some fantastic skill to come away victorious in these intense battles. 

9- Population: One

Battle royale games are all the craze in the gaming world over the past few years, and it was only a matter of time until VR jumped on the trend. Although many battle royale games are available in VR, the only one worth talking about is Population: One.

This game throws you into a massive lobby full of players with different avatars and then tosses the lot of you into a massive battle royale experience that encourages cooperation with strangers. Population: One is an incredible experience that mixes some realistic weapons with over-the-top ones and an engaging and well-designed map that manages to keep the matches fresh thousands of games later.

The aiming is sharp, the variety of items have a clever use to them, and the fact that your body is the controller makes things much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill battle royale game.

10- Skyrim VR

It might not seem like VR Chat on the surface, considering Skyrim VR is a single-player experience, but believe it or not, so many of the things you enjoy in VR Chat can be done in Skyrim.

First off, we’ve got a fully customizable character in a massive world with tons of things to do. You can hang out in the taverns, be a farmer, fight dragons, go on quests, make friends, fight in wars, use magic, and so much more.

The experience in Skyrim VR gets even more like VR Chat on PC because of the endless amount of mods you can download that expand upon the base experience. Things like adding a VR body, actual VR physics to the game, and the options to add new characters, enemies, spells, weapons, and armor into the game seamlessly give this game a truly endless amount of fun to be had. 

You have hundreds of mod pages of extra lands and quests to wade through as well. Hence, the additions are far from cosmetic as they affect the way the game plays out, which helps make Skyrim VR an evolving experience in the same way VR Chat is. There is a multiplayer mod for Skyrim on the flat screen, but there are no plans to implement it into VR just yet.

Skyrim VR is my recommendation to anyone looking for a game that allows you to play it in any way you want. While you might not relate it to VR Chat aesthetically, in terms of a game that gives you infinite freedom, tons of stuff to do, endless hours of content, and interaction with others within the game world, I can’t think of two games that end up sounding more alike.

Honorable Mention

Zenith: The Last City

Although it’s still a work in progress, Zenith: The Last City is the newest VR game to take the flag from VR Chat and run with it. A massive MMO encourages social interaction and gives you a huge world to explore.

You can customize your own character and visit tons of different areas. It also includes several areas where players can just hang out and talk to each other. It’s an early access game, but it’s already climbing the VR charts and is looking like the most promising VR title to come out in some time.

Mix all that with sharp combat and gorgeous-looking anime-style graphics. You have an incredibly unique title that might see itself topping VR Chat on the charts when the complete game sees the light of day.


Question: Which is the Best VR Game?

Answer: Half-Life: Alyx has been widely praised as the best VR game out there. It combines incredible graphics with a great story and tight VR physics and gameplay to create an unforgettable experience that thrills both fans of the franchise as well as newcomers.

Question: Which VR Headset is Best?

Answer: The best equipment is definitely located on the Valve Index. There is elite resolution, clarity, and performance here. Still, in order to be able to use it properly, you need a great PC to get the best out of it.

Question: Which Headset is Best for VR Chat?

Answer: The best VR Chat headset is the Oculus Quest 2. It gives you some great flexibility to move around and enjoy various games without having to deal with things like tripping over wires or worrying too much about your playspace.


VR Chat is a tough act to follow simply because of the incredible variety you’ve got to play with here. Eventually, though, you might craze another game of the same cloth. Luckily for us, we’ve got a solid bunch to choose from one, and each one of them brings something a bit different to the party. Hopefully, this list will help you find your next favorite game similar to VR Chat in VR.

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