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Opening that VrChat world menu and finding where to begin can be daunting. How do you know where to start to get a taste of all the wondrous worlds VrChat has to offer? How will you impress all the new friends you have met by opening up a portal to a place they haven’t seen? Also, why does Boots have an explorer’s helmet on? Why is he guiding me into the Matrix?

Well. I am quite the picky person when researching a list such as this. I hope by now I have proven myself to be a meticulous muse. I wish to show you the best worlds VrChat has to offer. 

So throw on your old-school Hollywood adventure hats, and let’s get this Vr tardis on the road! We are going across digital time and space to find the ten worlds I think you need to check out now. As Dok Boots demands it! Please and thank you.

Bottom Line Up Front

VrChat Evil Blobs
I read this book I found for knowledge, not to have you sky-folk yell gibberish at me!

I have been to countless VrChat worlds at this point, especially after researching for this list, and I can say that the most unique and charming world is the Treehouse in the Shade. 

The map holds a large variety and selection of skies and shaders to adjust. You will undoubtedly find something here that will either wow you with its beauty or mesmerize you are its reality-bending complexities. I am partial to the grass planes you start in, the cosmic web, the seascape reflecting a meandering infinite Aurora, and the Borg-like planet orbiting Earth. 

Thanks to the subtle beauty of the Treehouse you control it all in, this world could be a content creator’s new favorite magic trick. Never again worry about a static background, as you can take yourself and your audience anywhere at the click of a button. 

Top Picks at a Glance

  1. Treehouse in the Shade: A treehouse suspended in a dimension full of animated shaders. 
  2. Power Stars!- and Power Stars!- 2: The first two levels of Super Mario 64. 
  3. Spider-Lair: A Web swinging simulator and Spider-verse avatar world.
  4. CN’s Ball Pit & Lowfi – A ball pit on the beach capable of low gravity. The ball pit also reacts to the music player. 
  5. Snowdin – A beautiful recreation of the Undertale city, along with Grillbys and the Skeleton Brother’s home. Avatar World and Roleplay Hub.
  6. The Void (Avatar Hub) – Home of my favorite avatars and a magnificent mansion on a series of floating islands suspended in the void.
  7. A Thousand Winds – A serene scene set in a grassy field under a large beautiful tree. A river surrounds you, shooting stars trail through the sky, and you might know peace for once.

Selection Criteria

  • A painstaking amount of love, passion, work, or simply the execution of a fantastic idea.
  • An excellent introduction to VrChat
  • There is a high potential for hanging out with friends, photos, or streamer/YouTuber videos.
  • A high potential for role players.
  • Personally blew me away and had me running around for at least an hour merely giggling and enjoying the sights.
  • Not a requirement, but a heavy contender for making this list was making me experience something new in Vr.


#1 – Treehouse in the Shade

Vrchat Grassy Field
This is so majestic I thought a starting logo was about to appear.

Author: 1001

Genres: Artistic, Anxiety Relief, Chill, Tech Demo, Trippy

Did I experience something new? How shaders are used in this map is the first new thing I experienced. The second was the sheer scope of world-bending and world-building concepts sitting in the Treehouse, experimenting with how the world around me was. It was the most prized Vr experience I have. Yes, I am a nerd; that’s why they pay me!

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc Only

The Treehouse in the Shade is the first map from VrChat that made me understand the program’s magic. Through the magic of a treehouse suspended in nothing and the technical wizardry of shaders, you can escape from the stresses of reality.

There are so many shaders that I don’t even know which ones to recommend first. You can wander so far into all themselves infinite landscapes that the Treehouse will vanish. I will leave the mystery of what is what, but I will give hints about what you will experience. 

Vrchat treehouse Galaxies
Owl City may have underestimated the number of fireflies.

I hope you don’t find that decision rude. I merely want you to discover the wonder I experienced going through every shader one by one and being uniquely entranced by each one. You have hypnotic waves reflecting the Aurora above and the borg planet with a stunning view of Earth in front of a complex starscape. The nebulous masses floating through the air like you are in the quantum realm, and of course, much more will leave you itching!

I didn’t even get into the jetpack or the touchpad you can summon to manipulate the colors or other varying aspects based on the shader. 

But we have many more worlds to cover! Allons-y! 


  • Dozens of animated shaders that can give your VrChat stream a beautiful, trippy touch.
  • Perfect for YouTubers and Content Creators.
  • A beautifully modeled treehouse for that Tardis-Esque whimsy. 
  • Seascapes and Starscapes
  • The touch screen lets you affect the world or its colors.
  • A jellyfish scene so realistic you swear you could touch them.


  • PC Only
  • I am waiting on a sequel
  • You will likely fight over the options.
  • Someone playing with the touch screen can give you a headache.
  • There is only the Treehouse, which isn’t very accommodating for large groups.

#2 – Power Stars!- / Power Stars 2!-

Vrchat Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp did nothing wrong!

Author: DSMT

Genres: Game, Pop Culture,

Did I experience something new? I had never experienced 3d platforming before this map. But, to experience it through the guise of my all-time favorite retro 3D platformer? It was an experience lil Boots could only dream of, and the childhood inside me screamed in glee over it. Also, maybe… Just maybe. Adult Boots did too. 

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest

The Power Star levels recreate the first two Super Mario 64 levels. Down to being able to jump on an unsuspecting Goomba, collect red coins, and to that end, collect the Power Stars you remember from your childhood.

Power Star recreates the Bob-omb Battlefield, a classic level thanks to it being the first taste many a child, including myself, had with Mario. Should you be curious, the two stars I beelined for was releasing that poor chain chomp then stamping my way to give the King Bob-omb a piece of my mind! I can attest that not only is picking up the King a feasible and necessary process, but it is highly cathartic.

Your progress is even helpfully kept track of on a set of signs where you first spawn. Curb-stomping a Goomba was an experience I never thought I could have immersively without the harm of some poor mascot. One who is definitely not paid enough for my tenacity. Still, it was such a glee-inducing experience that I relaxed to my new kingdom’s music. Freshly free of Goombas and Bob-omb hooligans. 

VrChat Precarious Piranha Plant
It’s a plant, Sharon, it can’t possibly be dangerous. I’m going to go pet it.

Powerstar 2, on the other hand, recreates the second painting from Mario 64, Whomp’s Fortress. While in terms of overall nostalgia, I have to give it to the first one out of bias. The sequel allowed me to jump through the painting portal! Do you know how long I have wanted to jump through a painting portal? This newfound energy from my childhood being revitalized has made me clear the horrors of walls that want to push you to your doom. Through the waddling walls of ‘why?’ it inspired me to reach the King of Whomps and whomped the granite outta his grin.

I am saying that you should dethrone these kings of the Mushroom Kingdom and send the message to them to stop chaining up adorable chain-chomps. A correctly domesticated chain-chomp is one of the sweet mushroom kingdom creatures you could raise!


  • Every control and action you expect is in these two levels.
  • Jumping makes Mario noises.
  • You don’t have to restart the level after each Power Star
  • Throwing King Bob-omb will reignite your childhood.
  • Bob-ombs will chase you and hiss. 
  • The levels function just as they did on the n64.


  • Power Stars 1 doesn’t have its painting portal.
  • There are only the first two Super Mario levels currently available.
  • I can’t punch Bowser in his stupid polygon face.
  • No Yoshis. 

#3 – The Spider-Lair

VrChat Spiderman Returns
This joke would work ten times better if I had full-body tracking.

Author: Bronx

Genres:  Avatar World, Game, Pop Culture, Simulation, 

Did I experience something new? I hadn’t experienced any other city-scaling, web-swinging experience in VR until this one. The physics for this map is insanely well done, and the scope is large enough to give you plenty of challenges like a web-slinger-in-training. If you love Spiderman, I implore you not to ignore this map. This was also my first experience with a childhood franchise of mine being stretched out before my eyes with me placed in the protagonist’s shoes. Gamer goals, folks. Gamer goals.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest

You are Spiderman, and you make that what you want of it in the VrChat world. The map is complete with a comic rack that acts as its avatar- selection. There is such a vast collection that you are sure to find the Spiderman to fit your fancy. But that is just the closet. When you leave the Spider-Lair, you have a whole city before you. 

Do you know what makes this map special? Spider-Swinging is complete with satisfying physics. Unfortunately, I have horrible motion sickness, so I have to adjust my settings or prepare myself for some experiences. This is not one of them. 

There is something uniquely meditative to the practice of swinging around. No wonder Spiderman enjoyed it so much, and Maguires Spidey, the one I personally grew up on, would holler in glee while swinging. You will be doing that too. If not that, you will find this the perfect map to throw on if you find your mind getting itself in a bind from stress and the unkind. 

You’ll find all your stresses melt away as you swing through the air. As someone who christened himself the Great Sage Equal to Stress, that means something coming from me.

I swung around the city for hours and never got sick. I even got oddly determined to make it into a roof-top pool. I did so by propelling myself by webbing around a nearby skyscraper, the challenge being I wanted to land smoothly in the pool. 

VrChat Spider Lair Pool Target
Five web cartridges say I can make it.

I managed it. If you want to be better than me, you better hurry over there and dive in!


  • Web swinging so good you would swear you were on the GameCube or PS5.
  • Plenty of spiderman avatars to complete your experience.
  • The lovely, large city is full of obstacles to challenge yourself with.
  • They have a Gwenom avatar.
  • The Spider Lair building itself makes a nice hang out.


  • Depending on your fondness for loud noises and children, you might want to enjoy this with some friends on a private server.
  • Web swinging physics can be mildly hard to pick up. 
  • There are no villainous Web swinger avatars minus Gwenom.

#4 – CN’s Ball Pit & LoFi

VrChat Ball Pit Consumes
Don’t bother looking for me. I’m the ball pit’s now.

Author: cnlohr

Genres: Anxiety Relief, Chill, Hangout, Music,

Did I experience something new? I can not stress how amazing a massive ball pit in low gravity reacting to lo-fi music is as a stress-relieving experience. I have a blood disease that responds to stress, Hereditary Angioedema for the curious, and I often need to wind down. Sometimes life makes that difficult. Yet the simple, whimsical magic of a ball pit in low gravity that lets me push and bounce the balls around? Therapeutic, I tell you.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc Only

This one might stand out to you as being silly at first. A ball pit? Really? Hold on now. I haven’t explained the magic yet. Let me assure you, this ball pit is poppin’ with magic. 

I first want to direct you to the music player. It is right next to the ball pit. It is giant and plays a music video unless it is loading, so you can’t miss it. As the name suggests, it will automatically start playing LoFi, but the browser can be played with. The important part is that it directly affects the balls in the pit, depending on their setting. 

So, let me direct you to the settings. This is where the *True* magic happens. You can change the colors of the balls; some will react to the music, some won’t. Now. The true spice. The chef’s kiss of this world. 

This settings menu has gravity settings. 

Have you ever considered the magic of a ball pit in low gravity? Especially under the conditions of a code that will keep them within a specific space making certain they bounce and jiggle about in a column rather than disappear into the nothingness of space? No? Well, you need to give it a try at least once in your life. 

If you feel dangerous, you can grab rocks, fans, and platforms around the map to experiment with how they affect the moving balls and see if you can platform your way to the top. 

If you are incredibly daring, you can throw a couple of shaders in the mix in the form of mushrooms dotted around the map. They each create different effects in a radius around the mushroom that depends on the variety you find.

If I ever become a musician, I am using VrChat for the album cover.


  • Standing in the middle of a low gravity ball pit is hypnotic.
  • Some of the balls’ color settings react to the music.
  • The music player automatically starts with chill Lofi.
  • You are on a relaxing beach. What beach has a ball pit in your reality?


  • Someone will always turn on the gravity when you are standing in the ball pit.
  • Someone will always change the music.
  • Some of the mushrooms can induce nausea.

#5 – Snowdin

VrChat Snowdin Skeleton Siblings
The fact this just greeted me and I didn’t plan them posing like that is what proves VrChat is a place of wonder.

World Creator: GenkiDev

Genre: Avatar World, Cartoon, Pop-Culture, Roleplay, Undertale

Did I experience something new?

I am one of those old-fangled forum roleplayers. I spent a lot of time on Second Life, but I NEVER experienced a roleplay world in real life. The hilarity that it can inspire is unbridled. Excellent for acting practice, too! No, I don’t have enough hobbies; why do you ask?

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest

Nothing will explain why this is on the list as my first time in this world. 

Out of absolute luck, I came across a Sans and a Papyrus. They seemed concerned about something and soon panicked. At first, assumed it was ole clown-puppet Boots spooking them, but no, it was a new friend.

VrChat Creepy Sans
Did… Did we just become best friends, Mr. creepy skeleton that crawled in along the floor?

As I investigated by going into Grillbys after them, which was profoundly detailed and perfect for anyone who wished to roleplay some Ubertale madness, I saw a new Sans. The one they were frantically trying to escape.

After exchanging the pleasantries of the creepy internet mutes, a curt wave, I switched to a different ghostly Sans avatar of my own. I joined the fun of tormenting the main characters. My only regret is I didn’t have a creepy Papyrus avatar to really complete the scene. Nevertheless, I will cherish these memories.


  • Perfect recreation of the Undertale city.
  • Numerous avatars to uncover.
  • Secrets to unlock.
  • Undertale Roleplay Hotspot
  • DeltaRune avatars can also be found. 
  • I made a friend. We terrify towns together.


  • Avatars can be hidden in some odd spots. 
  • I have no earthly idea what the locked door surrounded by telephones is about.
  • Someone in a creepy Sans avatar might be acting like a dreadful fool. That also might be me.
  • I am not sorry.

#6 – The Void (Avatar Hub)

Vrchat Void Mansion
I really need to read roommate ads better. The commute here is awful.

World Creators: Jesseii032 and Mogo Tol

Genres: Artistic, Avatar World, Chill, Spooky, 

Did I experience something new? While I had been through many avatar worlds at the time, I never ran into one that felt like it just understood my aesthetic. I went through every look in this world playing with not only the avatars but the biggest thing I discovered!

I did not know until this world that there are additional options in the expressions menu with some avatars and avatar creators! Sometimes it is the dances you know and love. Sometimes it is something truly unique like the ragdoll menu in the expression menu of the ragdoll mime avatar from this very world!

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest

As I went into detail in the ‘New Experience’ ramble, I won’t touch on the Avatars of this world for too long. 

They are still worth your while, with the Hoppou Clown and Hoppou True Forms being my favorite. This is my go-to for an avatar, and I love pursuing their extensive collection to see what adorable, weird, creepy, or inspiring thing might bounce up. 

VrChat The Void Avatars
If you squint, you might just see my favorite. He’s a bit quite so you might not see him.

If you are a fan of dark fantasy, horror, or have a dark sense of humor, then this world has everything you need to round our avatar favorites list.


  • Top Tier avatar collection.
  • The creators put insane detail into their models.
  • The added functionality in each avatar’s expression menu is the most intricate and unique per avatar I have seen.
  • The world itself is exquisite. 


  • They gave me a clown avatar. I am told this is a con.
  • Beautiful, but you might find little to do besides a hangout spot and the avatars.

#7 – A Thousand Winds

VrChat TW Wallpaper Shot
I had to add it to the list just for how amazing this photo was.

World Creator: Minho

Genre: Artistic, Chill, Hangout

Did I experience something new? As this is simple on paper and complex in the design world. It was the unique experience of seeing a type of setting I would experience only in drawings and pictures on an artist’s portfolio in an immersive space like VR.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc Only

I am sure it is clear I have a soft side for serene spots by now. This is the most serene there is. This world acts only as a background, but it is a masterclass in them. It is that breath caught in your chest kind of majesty. 

The grass sways in the breeze, the stars streak across the sky, and a lone tree break the gentle hills of the horizon. You can climb up the tree like a monkey and sing your motivational Disney song of choice. No one will judge you!

 Mine was ‘Go the distance’ from Hercules.   

Vrchat Thousand Winds Pair
These two get it.


  • One of the most serene maps in the Metaverse. 
  • Animated
  • Ghibli movie vibes.  
  • Perfect for footage or photography.


  • Besides being pretty, it is barren of things to do if you are alone.
  • My ancestors didn’t appear to me in the form of panthers. 
  • Pc Only


Question: Where can I get VrChat?

Answer: You may find VrChat on the following websites. Please note the Oculus Rift version of the program is in early access, which means you may not have features available to other users, such as VrChat Plus.
Official Website (https://hello.vrchat.com/)
Official VrChat Plus Website (https://hello.vrchat.com/vrchatplus)
Steam Marketplace (https://store.steampowered.com/app/438100/VRChat/)
Oculus Quest Marketplace (https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/1856672347794301/)
Oculus Rift Marketplace (Early Access) (No VrChat Plus at the time.) (https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/997678176960598/)

Question: Can I Make my Own World in VrChat?

VrChat Official Document: Creating your first world (https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/creating-your-first-world)
Yes! I haven’t experimented with building a world myself. Yet. However, from looking over the documentation and my experience in creative building programs such as Second Life and Blender, this seems incredibly intuitive and made with beginners’ and adepts’ alike minds. 
Creating a digital world might seem difficult. It might seem like you have so many new things to learn, but is that bad? Don’t look at it as a new set of obligations. Instead, look at creating a VrChat world like a unique creative toolkit. One that, once you are done, you can get lost in and let your work surround you.
Am I just trying to sneakily encourage more creators to put their work out there so I can frolic in it like the manic muse I am? Maybe. It doesn’t mean I am pulling one over on you, though! So, if you are asking this question, it must mean you are worried if you can manage it. Maybe you are worried someone will be cruel about something you put your heart and soul in. 
Doubtful, but if they are cruel like that? Don’t forget I believe in you. What’s their opinion compared to your favorite muse, right? Go get ’em!

Question: What is a VrChat Avatar World?

Hunting through avatars and playing around with your newly snagged skin is an easy way to lose track of time and forget why you were initially looking for an Avatar. Authors of these worlds usually either collect game models that they upload and sometimes even program with VrChat exclusive features. In contrast, others make the models entirely from scratch. 
So you can consider an Avatar world to be like a gallery. You can wear and favorite these avatars by selecting the picture of the avatar you want and letting it load. However, be aware that some companies and creators charge to be able to download their avatars. So, parents and impulse buyers beware.


VrChat is one of the most versatile programs you can download for your headset. In a game where world creation is open to all, you never know what you will find. There is no telling what the Metaverse has to offer you.

From low-gravity beach ball-pits to all the mind-tripping madness of psychedelics with none of the illegal issues, after looking through my random selection of worlds, you have a better idea of just how fr the corners of this unexplored land reach. 

I’ll catch you in the Treehouse. I am not quite sure which direction land is in, but we’ll figure it out.

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