Blade and Sorcery Magic Guide

Blade and Sorcery is a game full of weapons for you to master. A scholar in the schools of Sorcery such as yourself might be struggling to snag the skills needed to wield the magic that makes up half of the title! This is a weapon and magic battle simulator that trusts you to be able to take on the hordes and work out your strategy from there. We’ll get to the Blades in another meeting. Another time. So ease those eager extensions; I’m here to guide you on Blade & Sorcery’s magic system and even how to deck it out with some marvelous magic mods.

So, weary apprentice. Let me teach you the magic behind Blade & Sorcery.

Blade and Sorcery Magic Guide

Bottom Line Up Front

  • You can telekinetically grab enemies while gravity is that hand’s active spell. 
  • How you use magic staves is dependent on the spell. Fire requires a gesture while pressing the bottom face button (A/X) on the hand holding it. Gravity requires hitting the crystal against the ground. Lightning isn’t implemented yet but works as a stun-stick.
  • Staves give you increased mana production. Unlimited power!
  • You can control the fire spell while the fireball is airborne by gesturing.
  • You can imbue weapons by holding the spell as it charges against the weapon’s blade or a staff’s crystal. 
  • You can block spells and imbue your weapons by putting your weapon in the way of their spell. 
  • Remember what Piccolo said: Dodge.
  • Magic Mods can be found on the Nexus for PC users and the Nomad Nexus for Headset users.

Base Magic

There are four types of magic in Blade and Sorcery. Without delving into the art of Modding, which some of those on the magic council consider dark magic. I believe it to be due diligence. Not yet anyway. Once we have taught you the basics, I’ll trust you not to kill me in an attempt to praise the sun. Carrying on.


Unless holding something or your hands are otherwise indisposed, holding your hand towards an object will cause a reticle to appear on its handle. Holding grip will cause you to take hold of that weapon with telekinesis. When you have an object held by telekinesis, you can gesture to move the thing around. Of course, weapons will still damage, and imbued effects will still leave their mark.

When using telekinesis, you hold the trigger to bring the item closer or hold the bottom face button (A/X) to push it away. This is dependent on the hand performing the spell. 

Please note without gravity active on the hand, you are unable to telekinetically grab enemies or the weapons they are carrying. 


Fire Good B&S
He is right to fear what is about to happen.

The fire spell is the crux of any destruction magic wielder’s arsenal. It can scorch their skin, leave them flinching, and slowly chip at their damage if you manage to set them on fire.

The poster-child of any magic user’s spellbook, the fireball is relatively easy to master. First, holding the trigger will ready a fireball up. Then, thrust your palm form or throw it like you might a ball while releasing the trigger. Once released, the fireball can be further aimed by moving your hand while the fireball is in play. IE: Hasn’t started cooking them yet. 

Fireball fling

Mods are available if you dislike how the fire spell functions, which can modify its functionality. One that keeps the original while adding an easy way to switch to a more fun method is the Fire-Sling Mod. I God in more detail in the modded section below. 

To use a stave imbued with fire, you need to gesture the stave forward and press the face button of whatever hand is currently holding the stave (both can be used if wielding it two-handed)



B&S Charged Enemy
That’s right. I quoted Star Wars while doing it. I am not ashamed and neither should you.

The fire spells over-energized cousin; electricity is capable of stunning an enemy. Furthermore, it will arc across multiple enemies if they are close enough together and within your spell’s effect range.

 The spell can damage the enemy, but nowhere near as much as a well-aimed fireball. However, should the spell be applied long enough, or enough hits imbue-wise, the stunning effect with continue. 

A magic-user must be careful with this destruction spell. It is an easy path to the dark side. Hold the trigger and extend your palms upwards, allowing the electricity to flow into the multiple enemies that dare to cross your path. You will know you are doing this correctly as, otherwise, you will hold an electric ball in your hand. This ball is only capable of imbuing a weapon or causing harm if slapped against another soldier’s flesh.


The electricity spell’s stave implementation has not been added yet, but it will be in a future update. Until then, it functions as a means to give your off-hand unlimited (magic) power. It will also act like a staff-sized stun stick. 

B&S Staff Imbuing
Never forget to feed you staff between headsmacks.


B&S Gravity Choke
Look. We told you we wanted to talk about your car’s extended warranty. We no longer wish to talk.

Gravity’s most significant strength might not be evident. Unlike the other powers, holding the trigger will only allow you to imbue something. Instead, you can hold your hand out to an enemy, and you will notice a reticle appear on them. Holding the trigger will allow you to hold onto that area with the grip button. 

While holding an enemy under gravity, you can pull them by holding the trigger button. As well, with the bottom face button (A/X) of the controller, you can push them away. 

If you use gravity on two parts of the enemy and push or pull one element away, you can rip that limb or their head from their body. 

B&S Magic Decap
I wonder if my therapist reads these. I am sure my B&S screenshots have a dedicated chapter.

Activating gravity with the trigger and thrusting your hand out will cause a push, much like the force. While having gravity active in both hands and holding them together, you can create a super singularity. This will cause objects and corpses to levitate when released. At the same time, weapons you wield in the area of effect will, like when imbued, be lighter for any inside.

Imbuing a weapon with gravity does nothing to the enemy it hits, minus making them float once they are killed. Instead, it will make the weapon lighter for a short period. This will make two-handed weapons in particular easier to wield.  

Staves with gravity will release a burst of energy when performing a ground pound with the imbued crystal. 



B&S Imbue steal
I am sorry, I didn’t realize this wasn’t a self-service station.

Holding the trigger while holding an empty hand to the painful part of your chosen weapon. Some weapons can not be imbued, such as the wood ax or the bow, but the arrow can be imbued. 

Imbuing with Fire or Electricity will stack the spell’s damage onto your attack while also adding their debuff to the target. Sometimes it will take multiple swings to cause the debuff. 

Imbuing a weapon with gravity will make that weapon light and easier to wield for a short period.



A stave will highly boost your magic while holding it, regardless of what it is imbued with. 

You can use staves with one or both hands. For example, you can heal yourself from near-death to max with the Healing Mod without losing a drop of mana. 

When imbued, what the staff does will vary on the magic its crystal is currently channeling. For more information, see the individual spell above to see what it does. 

Striking an enemy with an imbued stave will transfer the effect to the enemy like any other weapon.

Magic Defense

Magic isn’t a tool only accessible to you, my dear apprentice. Your enemies will come at you capable of using a hand you thought you had disarmed now wielding magic, but they will often come carrying staves. Even if they are capable of unlimited power, we are capable of the actual offense. Defense, of course!



The easiest and most obvious way to keep from getting hit is to simply get out of the course of the spell. Obvious, I know, but effective. Both jumping and moving in erratic patterns will keep the enemy from being able to lock onto you when the spell is cast.


B&S Defensive Arrow Imbuing
Ma’am, you are making everyone uncomfortable with your implied innuendos. I am going to have to vote you off of that cliff. The council has spoken.

To nonmagic users, this is also called blocking. 

While spells, in general, can be blocked by a shield or handle, blocking with the imbuable portion of a weapon will imbue your weapon instead of your pain receptors. It takes a bit of angling to get the positioning and timing right, but it is far more effective than dodging once mastered. 

Magic Mods

Not enough spells for you? My dear reader, let me introduce you to a group of spell weavers I know down in the B&S Nexus. If you are a Quest 2 user, please see the B&S: Nomad Nexus instead.

The Ancient Arts of the Pop Cults

Trials of the Shinobi

B&S TotS Ninjutsu
I think I just stole Saturn. Don’t learn Ninjutsu from a Necronomicon. I guess?

This mod is initially just a pack of Naruto-inspired weapons with only three Naruto-inspired spells. These are series staples Naruto’s Rasengan, and Rasenshuriken rounded out with Sasuke’s Chidori. 

You can download the optional ‘additional spells’ mod. Once you extract that mod and place the files inside into the base TotS’ spells folder, you will gain 7 more spells. The Fireball Jutsu, Atomic Dismantling Jutsu, Rinnegan, Rasenringu, Amaterasu, Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Shuriken Jutsu.

Kamehameha and Final Flash

Kamehameha and Final Flash

If you have one or the other, you can replicate Goku’s Kamehameha or Vegeta’s Final Flash from DBZ, complete with ki blasts, charge-ups, and death beams. If you have both installed, you can use one in each hand and then combine them into a beautiful lightning-crackling display of power.

Armament Haki

B&S Armament Haki
Gumi-Gumi-Face Bruising

Rounding out Anime’s big three, Luffy’s Armament Haki will cover your hands in a thick carbon. This will allow you to block and pummel your enemies with your bare hands. Face Punch One Punch Man today!

Sunlight Spear


PRAISE THE SUN! Holding the grip button will create a beam of sunlight in your hand. When thrown like a javelin, it will ignite on impact. Good for your Dark Souls and Solaire-inspired fights. As well, you can pretend you are Zeus casting down lightning bolts. If you rather.

Scorpion’s Kunai

B&S Get over here!
Aiming is difficult. It going under his shoulder means he will not, in fact, get over here.

Make your enemies get over here by sending a flaming chain. It is hard to aim, but the enemy’s face will be pulled right into your waiting palm if it lands.

The Offensive Arts

Mystic Hands

B&S Mystic Hands
Hold onto your hood. We got a movie reference to make.

Summon ghostly hands to grab anything in your path. Then, hurl enemies, pummel them from long distances, grip onto walls and move through the map like you never imagined. Then, hit the trigger twice to make the hands vanish.

Ice Spell

B&S Frozen Reference
Even frozen solid, you can feel the fire of rage in his eyes. Here lies a true soldier… Here stands? Here exists.

Make your enemies let go of aggro by launching an icicle into them. If it hits them, they’ll become frozen solid.

Fire Sling

fire sling

This isn’t a new spell but a modification for the ‘Fire’ spell. The fire spell will function as usual, but the ball of fire will suddenly drop below your fist if you press the grip button. Then, as if held by an invisible cord, you will be able to twirl and fling the fire like you were using a sling. It is incredibly satisfying.

Random Weapon Spell

I consider this a necessity if you have installed countless weapons mods as I have. When you have the spell active and an empty hand, hit the trigger to spawn a random weapon. This includes modded weapons. 

The Defensive Arts

Healing Spell 


If you are tired of carrying healing potions around, this mod lets you download one of three variants of the healing spell. Either constantly charge it to heal yourself; charge it and then crush it, or charge it and then smash it onto the ground. You can also choose between if these variants have the heavenly healing halo or not. 

Magical Ward


We don’t always have a shield on hand when we need it most. Luckily, the mages of the defensives arts have whipped up an easy-to-use, magically projected ward. It will disappear after enough hits to it. So, be mindful.


Question: In Blade & Sorcery, My Magic Menu is a Muddled Mess! How do I Fix How the Spell Wheel Shows Magic Mods?

Answer: Well, first, A affable author appreciates alliteration. So you are my favorite asker of questions. Your gold star is the perfect mod. 
BEHOLD! The answer to all your issues. The Spell Wheel Enhancer mod will fix all of your muddled magic menu maladies. Without it, you will find a point in managing magic mods that your magic wheel becomes so horrendously clustered together that it is impossible to pick your poison. 
The Spell Wheel Enhancer mod fixes that. It adds grids and, should you choose, names to all your magic to keep them straight. Thankfully, the wheel’s grid becomes more complex only as more spells are added.

Question: The Gravity Spell in Blade & Sorcery Doesn’t do Anything. How am I Using Gravity Wrong?

Answer: Gravity functions differently in Blade and Sorcery than Fire and Electricity. Gravity can be considered an upgraded form of your latent telepathy. When close enough to an enemy, you can grab them based on the reticle’s location; holding the grip button without touching the trigger activates the spell. Trigger and the bottom face-button (A/X) pull or push the controlled object, respectively, in both Telekinesis and Gravity in B&S.

Question: What is the Best Magic Mod?

Answer: While I have an answer, I am afraid that is a matter of opinion. Thanks to how these spells are activated and function, how much fun you have with each spell will vary. 
Personally, I consider Mystic Hands the best offensive mod to put into your arsenal. Swinging around like a magically enhanced King Kong and flinging enemies with massive magical hands is a truly tremendous experience. 
Meanwhile, for a spell that overall rounds out your arsenal, I have to give it to the Healing Spell. It frees up those crucial slots for weapons instead of potions. 
Magic Mods can be found on the Nexus for PC users and the Nomad Nexus for Headset users.


Well, my newly sired Wizard. Or… Magus, sorcerer, whatever you kids are calling yourselves. I have taught you everything I can in the ways of Blade’s Sorcery. Ahem. I mean Blade & Sorcery’s magic system!

I, however, need to get going. I recognize that owl sitting on the weapon Rack. That may look like an owl, but I know it isn’t the correct classification. That’s a stool pigeon! The council caught wind of me telling you of the Pop Cult’s secret arts. I gotta go. Don’t follow me through this portal. There is some weird stuff behind this passage

Blade and Sorcery is available for the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 headset on the Oculus Marketplace. Additionally, it is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other PC VR Users through the Steam Marketplace.

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