Among Us VR Guide – The Pandemic Hit Is Getting A VR Port!

2020 will be remembered for two notable events: COVID 19 and the rise of Among Us. While Among Us was released back in 2018, it gained a lot of popularity in 2020. I’m sure you might recall playing Among Us with your friends on your smartphone or PC. If you don’t, then you really need to stop living under a rock.

While Among Us is extremely fun on smartphones, PC, and consoles, I think we all can agree that playing it on VR will be a much more enjoyable experience.

Most Among Us players strive to be chosen as the imposter because playing as the odd one out is the best part of the game. Getting caught by a crewmate when you’re in the middle of a ‘sus’ act, then blaming the murder on the person who caught you by lying through in the meeting is such a thrill!

Playing as a crewmate is not half bad either. The game takes an exciting detective-y turn where you must stay vigilant of where everyone is and what they are doing while trying to figure out who the imposter is.

It was only a matter of time until this popular online multiplayer game landed on VR. While it has not been officially released for VR, we have great news for players who are enthusiastic about playing Among Us in virtual reality.

It was only recently when Among Us VR was announced by Schell Games at the second annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase for the Meta Quest 2 and PCVR. Among Us, VR will be available to play during holiday 2022.

Continue reading and find out more about Among Us on VR.

Green pointing

Credits: Steam

Green thinks you’re the imposter – but that’s sus too Green

Bottom Line Up Front

Among Us has been a megahit since 2020. Millions of people play and enjoy it even today! The shift from 2D to not only 3D but stereoscopic Virtual Reality for Among Us has sent shockwaves across the gaming community.

While most consider Among Us VR to be a sequel, it’s not. It’s the same game as the mobile version, enhanced to virtual reality. You will be able to perform all of the tasks you used to as a crew member or vent and sabotage as an imposter.

Among Us, VR will be an online multiplayer game to enjoy with your friends and will be released during the holiday 2022 (which means around November or December) as announced in the second annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase.

You can apply for the Among Us VR Beta program and get early access to the game if you are keen to play it.

Among Us VR Gameplay

Among Us is a party game in which four to ten players are trapped aboard a spaceship with the goal of finding out who is the ‘imposter.’ While the objective of the Impostor is to eliminate all other players without being discovered. The other players vote on who they believe to be the Impostor and must work together to expose them before it is too late.

Among Us, VR has an abundance of strategic complexities, with various paths to winning regardless of which side you’re on. Constantly entertaining, this game has tons of elements, from completing your tasks, killing off teammates, and social deduction to keep you invested for hours.

With an open voice channel to utilize during meetings, crewmates can discuss amongst themselves any suspicious activity that they might have spotted while performing their tasks and democratically vote out a crewmate that could be innocent or an imposter. The communication during meetings makes Among Us so amazing! Even while playing with complete strangers, you need to gain their trust and either defend yourself or accuse someone sus.

Among us

Among Us, VR will use the same fundamental gameplay concepts as the original game, although with modifications for virtual reality. As a crew member, you will still be rushing about the Skeld, completing assigned tasks, trying to avoid being stabbed, and conducting meetings to identify the imposter(s). While your goal as an imposter will be to blend in and silently kill all of the crewmates (or get them ejected during meetings by acting innocent)

Among Us, VR will be based on a first-person perspective, and motion controls will be the most significant modifications, which will make the game incredibly immersive. The trailer reveals that your range of vision would be significantly restricted compared to the original game’s third-person viewpoint, and we can assume that the admin of the match will be able to set the field of vision.

However, you may now look away from your task more readily by just rotating your head, but your vision will be restricted to one direction only, as opposed to the original Among Us, in which you were able to see in all directions. All the jobs we’ve seen so far involve interacting with panels using motion controls, which is likely to feel far more unique in practice than it seems on-screen. Even performing tasks in VR will feel amazing!

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Among Us, there is a little learning curve. Within the game, there is not a great deal of description of the moment-to-moment gameplay. However, the HUD and the continual display of your objectives on-screen go a great way toward indicating what you should be doing.

The minigames (tasks) are all self-explanatory, and even the most intricate ones are meant to be intuitive. Tasks became boring pretty quickly in the original Among Us but doing them yourself in VR looks amazing, and I’m looking forward to actually being a crewmate!

Here’s how the gameplay of Among Us VR will roll out.

Everyone suspects you
Photo by Ali Mustafa

Credits: Game trailer/Steam

As if the original game wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough

As A Crew Member

It won’t be clear whether you’re a crew member or an impostor until the game begins. When the game begins, you’ll see a big display indicating which side you’re on; if you see “Crewmate,” that implies you’re helping to repair this ship/station/colony, and you will be assigned tasks to complete. Every time you play as a crew member, you will be given chores from the task list. On the map, you can identify the locations of these tasks. Simply go to each spot and finish the task. Some tasks may be more challenging than others, but you will ultimately figure them out.

If necessary, don’t be hesitant to ask your other crewmembers how to do certain tasks; this is all part of learning on the job. You must complete the tasks to win it as a crewmate. While imposters can fake most of the tasks, there are some tasks (such as scanning in medbay) that will make it clear to other players that you aren’t the imposter.
There will be impostors among the crewmates, so be on the lookout for any strange behavior.

Impostors do not have tasks, although they may pretend to be doing them. You can monitor the task list to keep track of all completed tasks, and if you see anything odd, you can always call a meeting using the button on the table.

The majority of the time, though, you may not notice anything strange. If you find yourself alone with an imposter, you may become a ghost as he might have killed you. However, just because you’re dead does not mean your game is over. Complete your tasks and rely on your crewmates to investigate who killed you. Dead crewmates can walk through walls and listen to communication, but they will not be able to intervene in the communication or provide their input (since it ruins the purpose of the game, and a dead crewmate can easily find out who the imposters are).

To complete tasks, you must go to the appropriate room and click the item directly or the “Use” button on your touch controller. Each subsequent job is quite self-explanatory, and you will be able to do the task yourself in VR finally!

If you see a dead body of your fellow crewmate, you can quickly report it. This will assemble a team meeting instantly where you can discuss where the corpse was discovered, who was near it, determine whether anybody else was murdered, and discuss your concerns. You are not required to report a corpse if you discover one because your crewmates might assume that you were the one who killed him and reported it yourself.

All crewmates (including the imposters) get a vote after the discussion, where everyone decides who is going to be ejected. You have the option to skip a vote. If skipping receives the most votes or a tie occurs, nobody will be eliminated, and the game continues as normal.
To win, you must perform all assigned tasks before the Impostor eliminates the crew.

Playing as the imposter has a bit of a twist. Here’s how playing as an imposter rolls out in Among Us VR.

As An Imposter

Among US Imposter

You will see a list of chores and their locations on the map on your screen, but they are only recommendations for things to fake and not your true objective.

Instead, your main goal is to discover means to isolate Crew members and eliminate them whenever possible without coming under the radar during meetings. Obviously, this will not be simple; you will need to be cunning. If crewmates watch you murder someone, they will instantly report the dead body and vote you off the ship.

You may use a few crawlspaces, which are often concealed by vent covers. Utilize your mobility to your advantage as you eliminate the crew member by member.
You may disable the crew’s view or isolate them by turning off the lights or locking the doors. Your sabotage will create panic amongst the crewmates, and you will be able to easily get them one by one.

Additionally, you can mess with their communications, preventing them from seeing their assignments. Additionally, you may disrupt the reactors, oxygen, and other important equipment that, if not repaired, will spell disaster for everyone.

The game will assign you phony chores; pretend to do them to blend in. To kill someone, you must approach them near enough for the ‘Kill’ button. This was the case with playing Among Us originally. In VR, I think you will be able to actually kill crewmates by hitting them. A host-customizable cooldown period exists between kills.

You may either report the corpse personally or flee in order to avoid suspicion. Vents provide faster mobility from one room to another but are careful not to be spotted using a vent because only imposters have the ability to use vents. If someone spots you going inside or jumping outside a vent, you will be voted out immediately.
You can engage in conversations and convince crewmates to vote out innocent people.

You can sabotage the ship, such as shutting off the lights, making it more difficult for crewmates to do their duties, or turning off the oxygen which will kill them if they are not fixed in time.

There can be multiple imposters in the game, and if you are chosen as the imposter, you must eliminate the entire crew to be victorious.

Where To Buy?

Where to buy Among Us

Among Us, VR will be released in November – December 2022 on the Meta Quest store and Steam. Here is the official Steam page of Among Us VR, so you can add it to your wishlist.

For now, you can opt for the Among Us VR Beta program. Read on to find out more about it!

Registering for the Among Us VR Beta

Follow this link to get started, as offered by Among US VR in their tweet. Once the page has loaded, hit Enter or click Continue. Enter your email address and register for the Among Us VR beta program to get early access to the game and experience it before the official launch!

Scroll through the list of VR systems that are compatible, then choose the one you possess. Click the Submit button, then click ‘Join us and stay tuned’ to submit the form.

Within a minute, you should get an email from Among Us VR informing you whether or not the beta is accessible for the platform you’ve selected. I registered with my Oculus Quest 2, and it got readily accepted! You will be prompted to create an account with Antidote, who are the ones launching Among Us VR Beta.

To register for an Antidote account, click the link in the email you received. Create an ID on Antidote. Then, you’ll be able to create your player profile: Click Save, followed by ‘Join the program.’ Then, you may wait for your invitation to the beta of your chosen headset.

If you don’t get selected for the Beta program or want to play the finished game when it’s released at the end of 2022, then there is another way you can enjoy Among Us in VR – via VR Chat!

Read on to find out how:

Play Among Us In VR Chat

Play Among Us In VR Chat

VRChat is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. The majority of MMOs are fantasy role-playing games, whereas VRChat is mostly a social game where you may communicate with other VR gamers. Imagine Club Penguin in virtual reality and for all ages (but still densely populated by children).

VRChat allows players sufficient freedom to create their own games inside VRChat. Many people get creative and recreate popular titles.

One individual with technical skills and a passion for both Among Us and virtual reality created a version of Among Us for VRChat that allows the social deduction game to be played in first person. If it seems like something you’d be interested in, you can download this game for free!

While the graphics are decent (nothing too impressive), nor is the gameplay identical to the original Among Us or the upcoming Among Us VR, it is still a great (free) alternative to Among Us VR Beta.

You can complete missions, slip via ventilation ducts, call emergency meetings, and, of course, kill crewmates. The VR Chat Among Us is less cartoon-ish than the original Among Us.

Instead of the cute little alien look, your character looks like a skinny (and creepy) astronaut. Since the avatar is human, you can perform lots of gestures which makes the game extremely cool and fun.

One of the finest features of the VRChat edition of Among Us is the ability to voice chat with other players without calling a meeting. However, it ruins the main theme of the game, as you should be able to communicate only in emergency meetings. Still, it makes for amazing YouTube streams and a fun experience with friends to chat when they are near.

The best part about VRChat is that you can play it without a VR headset. So, you can play first-person Among Us in VR Chat for free, even from your PC!

Among Us VRChat
Photo by Ali Mustafa

VRChat Among Us Avatar makes everyone look like a serial killer


Question: Can I Play Among Us On My Quest 2?

Answer: Yes! Among Us VR has been officially announced to be released during holiday 2022 for PCVR and the Meta Quest 2. You can opt for the beta version to play it right now or play a fan-made free version of Among Us in VRChat.

Question: Can I Play Among Us Offline?

Answer: No, Among Us is an online multiplayer game. The game is completely online based, there are no NPCs and there is no single-player mode. You can play Among Us with your friends or join a random server to play with random people online.

Question: Will Among Us VR have voice chat?

Answer: Yes! Among Us VR will feature voice chat same as the original Among Us game. You will be able to communicate with your crewmates, state any sus behavior that you observe, or defend yourself from being termed as the imposter when emergency meetings are called.


It wouldn’t be wrong to term Among Us as one of the most popular games to ever land on PC and smartphone. No other game reached the level of popularity that Among Us got during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People went crazy over the game because seemingly it’s a simple game, but it has a ton of elements to consider, and to win a match in Among Us requires making the right decisions, defending yourself, and playing smartly to avoid getting killed/eliminating all other crew members.

Fans of Among Us loved the game so much that the developer had to port the game to consoles, and now finally in VR! I believe that the VR port will undoubtedly be the best of all versions because it’s more immersive and interactive.

Among Us, VR includes all of the main elements of the original game but enhances it with the interactive and telepresence of virtual reality. Schell Games announced that Among Us VR will be landing during holiday 2022, which is around November – December. While if you’re eager to play it early on, you can opt for the Among Us VR Beta.
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this post informational and fun to read!

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