Blade and Sorcery Game Guide

Boots on the ground, warriors! Did you think just because I taught you how to be glorious gladiators of glam that I was done with you?! Blade and Sorcery is a battle simulator that will require more gruff from you! The blades aren’t rubbery here! Sorcery is at your fingertips, more if you don’t let the council of stuffy-necks learn of you going outside the standard spellbook. So if you think these battlegrounds are something to fear, fret not. I’m here to guide you.

Blade and Sorcery Game Guide
I know that look. I’ve kidnapped you to teach you a VR game before, haven’t I?

Bottom Line Up Front

  • If you are using B&S through Virtual Desktop or Oculus Airlink and are experiencing game fidelity issues, try opening up Steam on your PC but NOT SteamVR. From the Blade and Sorcery option in your library, hit play and select the ‘Launch Blade & Sorcery in Steam VR mode’ option before hitting play. 
  • A dagger fits nicely into an iron helmet’s eye gap.
  • Two-handed weapons are good for tripping. So long as you catch the back of their knee.
  • Angle your weapon perpendicular to your enemy’s to parry it.
  • In u10, only Grasslands has an available dungeon mode.
  • Only Use mods for your version of Blade and Sorcery. Both the Update version and marketplace version.
  • Keep health potions around to keep your health up. If you don’t find other methods.


Oh no! Our instructor wants to talk about blocking in the ‘stabby slashy fireball!’ game! Get back here, or we’ll rerun the stair drills. I KNOW you think they are pointless. Your enemy has trouble with stairs, and I see to it my students don’t. It is, honestly, shameful of a warrior to lose to stairs. Much less when taking them up rather than down. 

To be a good soldier, you will need to defend yourself! Don’t worry, though; I consider an excellent defense to include a good offense.

Improper Shield Use
This is a prime example of ‘bad defense and bad offense.’

Health Potion

B&S Health Potions
This is why I don’t let students handle potions. That is never coming out. There’s no magic in the world that fixes that stain.

Until you become exceedingly confident in your abilities, it is advised to keep a potion either in one of your two belt holsters. However, if you can’t part with your precious weapon, have one spawned and place where you can grab it during more prolonged battles. 

Uncork the bottle and hold it over your head approximately where your mouth is. Avoid leaving the potion bottle on its side if it is uncorked, as it will drain its liquid. In addition, there is only a select volume of fluid per bottle, which will slowly deplete as you drink it. Or spill it.


B&S Shielding
Back foul code. Back!

A shield is a weapon’s best friend. It can even protect a mage, though the next step is their best tactic. Blocking is simple. Raise the blade to get in the way of their weapon. Then, anticipate the direction and push back at the moment of impact for a chance to stun them by making them stumble backward.

Another in my ‘pictures that generate mental sound’ series.

A shield is not just a defensive tool. For example, you can stun an enemy for a brief period by bashing their head with the shield. This is, generally, easier with a buckler. Still, any guard will be able to so long as you don’t lose momentum by clipping a limb or nearby enemy.


B&S Parry
I knew all those graphs in school would eventually become useful.

Parrying is simply blocking using a weapon instead of a shield. So long as your hand isn’t on the area and your weapon is stable, you can deflect the other enemy’s weapon. 

Hold the blade perpendicular to the incoming weapon for a block. Suppose you are comfortable in your ability to deflect the attack. Then, you can further angle the weapon towards the enemy’s head as you ready a block. Thus, giving you the perfect angle to turn that momentum and their momentary stunned status to pierce their head in a counterattack.

Be sure to account for the arc of the weapon’s swing when using your weapon to deflect.

If you soldiers would really like to impress the Knights Council that I totally didn’t make up for stable cred, practice parrying using one or two daggers. This will fine-tune your aim and make parrying with any other weapon a cakewalk once mastered.


Good, my tactic of randomly stabbing you has worked to improve your reflexes.

Twinkles-toes terrify terrifically trained talent, soldiers! Oh, you need more than alliteration? Fine. 

Dodging can be performed in two ways. First, physically you can move your body in anticipation of the angle of their weapon. Or by using your controllers to circle around the enemy towards their offhand/opposite the swing arc.


I am sure he doesn’t need that tendon anyway.

Are those pesky soldiers giving you an issue with those weapons of theirs? Maybe they keep rudely hiding behind a shield. Well, I have just the solution for you. When using a bladed weapon, stab them in the arm. It doesn’t matter where in the arm, so long as it is somewhere along the shoulder.

If the stab is deep enough, the enemy will drop the weapon in that hand. If they are left without any weapons, they will immediately hold up both hands and retreat in search of the nearest weapon.

I have found this makes your Dungeons and Daggers run much more effortless. Also, when using daggers, aim to pierce the arm by going around the pommel. This allows you to go behind the hand to stab the forearm. This will make it harder to be blocked.


Didn't need that ankle either
This is a very good example of what a practiced dodging technique will prevent.

A blunt weapon such as a mace or a heavy weapon like a claymore is capable of tripping enemies. It is also hilarious. 

Tripping an enemy is as simple as remembering the mechanics of your average leg. Suppose you took the head of a mace and rapidly propelled it into the crook where the knee bends. By physics, the knee will start bending as it was made to. The added force will send the enemy to the ground. 

To feel badass or tyrannical, follow up a trip immediately with the face of your weapon into the dazed face of your enemy. Make them kiss.


I want this Ax
I want your weapon and, frankly, you are the unreasonable one in this scuff.

Should you have an open hand and are close enough, you will be able to grab your enemy’s limbs, head, and even their weapon. The superior strength of soldiers leaving this academy means that once you have a grip of their hand or the blade in it, you have control of that arm.

Use grabbing to pull open their defenses, prevent them from attacking you, or drop unsuspecting enemies off their precious high ground.

You can use telekinesis to grab an enemy from mid-range if you have the gravity spell active o that hand.

The Parry-Pull

B&S Parry Pull
He sure isn’t happy I did this.

With good aims, you can open an enemy’s defenses. This works on both shields and weapons. An ax is the best option for taking a weapon and pulling it aside so that you can punch them in the face. Should you think this is a better tactic, you may also stab them in the face. 

The Blades

Yes, we are finally to our favorite toys. Weapons come in many categories, with a special one here called ‘exotics. I will not be bending your ears using those categories, I will break them down based on the tactic generally needed to use them.

Dagger and Punching Dagger

Gasp! Assassino!
I don’t know why, but I heard an eagle cry when I killed that soldier.

The unsung hero and his punchy cousin. Daggers and other small bladed weapons require some finesse. They are the surgical tool of the warrior’s arsenal and are often cast aside in favor of their larger cousins. A dagger is best paired with a friend. Be it another dagger, a sword, or your choice of weapon, how it is used is based on its wielder’s skillset.

Typically a dagger is good for quick strikes and stabs. Its short blade makes aiming it easy, so when paired with a shield or a defensively used sword, it can be used to perform a quick counterattack or kill. At the same time, the enemy is focused on the larger blade. 

The dagger can also be used offensively. If good at using it to parry or pull shields, its small size can allow for a versatile defensive weapon that will not get in the way of your main hand. 

One-Handed Swords

Sword Measuring Contest
Going by the angle of this sword against those stairs… Yep. Yep. I am stabbing all three of you. The math tracks.

The knight’s classic. A sword follows all of the ideas of a dagger but with a larger reacher. This more significant reach comes at the expense of finesse. Its space allows for new opportunities. A dagger is not effective at cleaving or decapitating. A knight’s love of helmets leaves the neck often the only open gap. A small space, but due to the need for maneuverability, this is often the most effective place to attack. 

One-Handed Blunts

B&S Blunt Weapons
Chill Cheech, I meant the weapons.

Blunts are generally separated between the mace and the ax.

A mace is a typical blunt. The closest sharp edge it will have is a flange, making its priority a forceful blow. Its strengths are large swings, tripping, or clobbering the enemy’s head through their helmets. But, of course, this also accounts for bats and clubs.

An ax is usually duller than a sword but compensated by having all of its weight and momentum focused on the more giant ax head. An ax can cleave, but slicing is generally out of the question. The smallest of the axes are great throwing weapons should you have the accuracy, while the large one-handed axes are great for pulling aside an enemy’s shield.  

Two-Handed Swords

Two-Handed Blade
If you think this is bad, you should see the other guy.

Everything great about a sword but with twice the oomph of the wielder. 

A two-handed sword can be wielded the typical way, by the handle or as a club with a stabbing bottom. Use a two-handed weapon to cleave through limbs, trip enemies, or pierce through all but the most resistant armor. 

Two-Handed Blunts

Medieval Sledgehammer
You got here quicker than I expected. I gotta prepare the other guy I mentioned in TH Swords.

Two-handed blunts are brutal methods of crowd control. But, if swung powerfully enough, it can send enemies flying, trip them with ease, and crush their skulls. 

The best and most fun tactics when using two-handed blunts is to trip them by hitting the crook of their knee and then sending the momentum of your arcing swing down onto their head. 

Staffs, Spears, and Dual-Blades

Oi, get your staff off'a my sword
If I don’t touch this, the council can’t prove I am the magic user they are looking for.

These weapons are classified as long enough to require two-handed wielding to be effective. 

This weapon style is capable of superior reach, crowd control, and defense compared to the average weapon. If the weapon has a blade at the end, prioritize knocking away the enemy’s guard or threading the needle it stabbing their face. 

The dual-blade is somewhat capable of stabbing, but crowd-cleaving slashes and keeping yourself vertically between enemies is its natural environment. 

Staves will be covered below in sorcery.


Seconds from an eye shot
Always Attack Archers. Especially if that archer is me.

To use a bow, you will need to also spawn a quiver and place it in one of your back holsters. To remove a quiver, use the trigger to switch between the selections, then grab it with the grip button. Likewise, to snag an arrow, just use the grip button. 

Proper archery requires an adequate form. These bows don’t have the fancy sights of a modern weapon. You will have to instead rely on the head of the arrow and, most importantly, your anchor point. 

An archer’s anchor point is where they consistently hold their hand that notches and pulls the arrow. For me, it is right where the joint of my jaw is. Don’t actually hold your hand to this point; just use this as an invisible line. Then, practice using enemies or targets until you are comfortable with where and how you should point the arrow’s head to land a bullseye. 

The Sorcery

The path to sorcery is also the path to UNLIMITED POWER.

Stabby pointy things aren’t the only toys to play with on the battlefield. Here we teach the entire chain how to use three elemental spells. 

Your ability to cast spells will rely on your mana, represented by the blue bar on your wrist. The base game grants you access to three spells. You can have one spell active in each hand at a time, selected by holding the upper face button (B/Y) and releasing it while pointing at your chosen spell.

As we go in-depth on this subject in the B&S Magic guide, I will only touch on them here.


When your hand is empty, you can telekinetically grab objects and weapons within a specific range. They will hover in that position based on where you are gesturing and following your hand. 

Pressing the trigger pulls the object trigger, and the bottom face button (A/X) pushes it away. 


Slicing Fire
Hot & ready death in 3 seconds or less.

Holding the trigger will form a small fireball in your hand, which you will have to throw to hit an enemy.


Lightning Arrow
Honey! I finally figured out how to deal with our late-night neon-sign problem!

A ball of lightning will appear in your hands, but bolts won’t arc towards your enemies unless you hold your palms upwards while pressing the triggers. 


Insert Wicked reference here
Naughty students go off the time-out cliff.

From a medium-range, you will be able to grab enemies by their neck or limbs while pressing the grip button when a reticle appears over the intended area. While holding the enemy, pressing the trigger will bring them closer, while the bottom face button will push them away.

The Blades AND The Sorcery

We couldn’t have that ampersand in the title if we couldn’t combine the two! Thankfully, we can! Magical enhancement is an ancient practice, refined since the first blacksmith got a little overzealous in the praising stage of their new weapon. Lore is for later. Knowledge is for now.


While charging a spell, you can hold the forming orb against the blade of your weapon to imbue it with that power. 

Fire or Electricity will cause each weapon’s strike to push the coinciding damage debuff at impact. 

Gravity is different; hitting an enemy will do nothing but make them float a bit on death. The weapon’s weight is where the benefit lies. The weapon itself will become lighter and easier to wield. A claymore can be handled like a proper highlander. 


Until you imbue it, staves are more than just a fancy bo-staff. They will invigorate your magical energy allowing you to near-endlessly cast spells.

They are a stick with a glorious gem tied to its end. Imbuing the rock at the top of the weapon will allow some marvelous effects. 

You can shoot a fire or lightning staff by gesturing with it toward the enemy and pressing the bottom face button (A/X) of the hand holding it. 

Gravity requires you to smash the stave on the ground, creating a shockwave that can send enemies flying. 

Smacking an enemy with an imbued staff will hit the enemy with the spell’s designated effect, just like any imbued weapon. 


A map’s mode can be selected from the menu displayed when selecting a destination from the home level’s map. This can be done using the arrows on either side of the current mode, positioned under the name.

Modes like the dungeons or modded maps might also have other settings to mess with depending on the map or mode in question.


I wonder who makes these
In the land of B&S, we worship these. We have no idea where they come from, but these two books dictate our lives.

The class B&S setting and where many players are likely to spend the bulk of their time. All maps but the grasslands offer the Sandbox mode. In Sandbox, you can summon waves of enemies from one book found on each map. In contrast, another nearby book will provide you with the entire weapons inventory.

Unique waves are included, such as the WarZone wave. Which pits two different flavors of the enemy against each other with you randomly placed on one side. This is only shown by one side not attacking you; they don’t seem to mind if you attack them, though. 

B&S war
Maybe we should just let that work itself out.

Pro-Tip: Warzone gives you the best opportunities for photography and thematic scenes.


Insert Holy Chanting
Look, I am sure you are a nice group of pedestals. I just already build a church to the books.

Most maps besides the Citadel and the grasslands offer you the Survival Mode. Survival functions as you might expect. You keep the weapons you have currently holstered while waves of enemies spawn in. 

Three pedestals will rise from the ground between each wave, offering you a randomized selection of weapons, becoming better as you progress.


The grasslands is such a beautiful and peaceful map. Shame, by nature of my existence, I will have to change that.

As of Update 10, the dungeon is only available for the Grasslands Map. The dungeon mode has rogue-lite tendencies. Meaning enemy placement and the path you will follow will be randomly generated. In addition, different doors around the map will either be inaccessible or opened, randomizing the route you take each time. 

You have the option to adjust both the difficulty and the length of these dungeons using the map when you select the Greenlands.


The selection of blades and magic is satisfying, but what if I told you we could go deeper? Shshssh. Keep your voice down!! The knights’ table and the magic council can’t know I know about these.

Shoo, go down this alley in the market. Someone who is totes not just me, in a fashionable disguise. This manic muse will guide you through the wonders of modding. We didn’t have this conversation. 


Question: When I Swing my Weapon in Blade & Sorcery, it Gets Stuck on the Floor, or I Drop it. What’s Going on? 

Answer: For some Vr users, B&S will slightly miscalculate the length of your arm. The game will start with the option of dropping your weapon when the max arm length it believes you have is reached. This will mainly come into play when performing an overhead or sweeping strike, leading to many slashes lacking a blade and a lot of ground or walls with a weapon in it.
First, Open up the menu using the menu button on your left controller. 
Then, go to the options menu using the submenu hovering over the book. It should look like a cog/gearwheel.
Finally, change the ‘Max Arm Length Reached’ option from DROP to BLOCK in the general options. 

Question: I Can’t Throw Anything When Using Oculus AirLink to Play Blade & Sorcery! Why do Items Seem to Never Leave my Hand When I Want Them to?

Answer: This can be thanks to some mild game fidelity issues thanks to how, to play B&S on the computer through AirLink, SteamVR will demand its presence. Luckily, there is a fix.
Instead of running the game from your headset, make sure your headset is on the Oculus Airlink Homescreen. Next, take your headset off and make sure SteamVr isn’t running, but Steam the game launcher is. From the Steam Launcher, play B&S from your library. This will offer you to launch the game in Steam Vr mode or Oculus Vr mode. 
Select Oculus Vr if you are a Meta/Oculus Rift, Quest, or Quest 2 user.

Question: What is the Difference Between Blade & Sorcery and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad?

Answer: Blade & Sorcery: Nomad is the recent port of B&S to the Quest 2 platform. 
As with most if not all ports of PCVR games, the difference will mostly come down to game fidelity and graphics. B&S: Nomad is optimized and built with the Quest 2 in mind making it the same game in practice but a different game in code. If you wish to mod Blade & Sorcery, you have to make sure you download it from the correct nexus. 
Blade & Sorcery mods are found at the B&S Nexus
Meanwhile, Blade & Sorcery: Nomad mods are found on the B&S: Nomad Nexus.

Question: Are… Are Mods Illegal?

Answer: No. Mods are created by wonderfully talented creators. Ones who I am sure have gathered their weapon designs, 3D character models, virtual worlds, and other digital assets through entirely legal means. Why are we whispering?


Look at all of you wonderful warriors. You passed the final test; you are actually standing alive before me! Full marks, gold stars all around! You. Yes, you. You may have this head of their leader. This makes you this class’s valedictorian. 

This also makes you liable for how that general died. I might have decided to use some spells outside the standard spellbook, and the council of mages has been chasing me ever since. 

See ya later, patsy! Nyehehehe.

Blade & Sorcery is available for the Meta/Oculus Quest 2 headset on the Oculus Marketplace. Additionally, it is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other PC VR Users through the Steam Marketplace.

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