Half Life Alyx Achievements Guide

Half Life Alyx is a phenomenal game for PC VR. I know many people bought VR just for Half Life Alyx (including myself!). The graphics, the gameplay, and observing the world of Half Life in Virtual Reality is an out-of-this-world experience.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Half Life Alyx revolutionized VR gaming as a whole. It is a benchmark for VR games; displaying ‘what VR games should look like. Look up any list on the internet ranking the best games on VR, and I guarantee that you will find Half Life Alyx on that list. It’s just that good of a game!

Half Life Alyx is available to purchase on Steam, and like any other game on the platform, Half Life Alyx has achievements in the game. Before we dissect at each Half Life Alyx achievement and how to unlock all of them, let’s take a peek at what Half Life Alyx’s achievements are?

Bottom Line Up Front

Achievements are what make a game more enjoyable to play.  When playing games on Steam, you get achievements over specific actions. These can include killing a particular type of enemy X number of times or successfully completing the different levels in the game. They motivate a player to go the extra mile for their favorite game and flaunt that they are the best in the game. Achievements are sometimes simple as progressing in the story as usual or quirky remarks on a funny thing you might do unexpectedly in the game.

In any case, achievements don’t provide any rewards, but you can get they are displayed on your Steam profile, and anyone who visits your profile can see your achievements in particular games.

If you are striving to get 100% completion in any game, then you need to get all of the achievements.

Half Life Alyx is undoubtedly a favorite of many VR gamers around the world. So, if you are looking to unlock all of the achievements in Half Life Alyx, then this guide is for you!

Chapter-by-Chapter Achievements Breakdown For Half Life Alyx

Achievements provide you with a sense of accomplishment and push you to achieve different goals to get them. You can flaunt in front of your friends over the large number of achievements you have completed and get it displayed on your Steam profile.

Steam achievements don’t provide any rewards, but they make the game more enjoyable, and lots of players love to complete achievements just to get them displayed permanently on their Steam profiles.

I love getting achievements, and I always strive to get achievements in Steam games like CS GO, Borderlands 2 VR, etc. These achievements make the game ‘Fun-er’ if you get what I’m saying. If you are someone like me, who enjoys appreciation for your efforts, then striving for in-game achievements might make your gaming experience much better.

Here is a chapter-wise breakdown of Half Life Alyx achievements and how you can get them!

Chapter 1: Entanglement

Half Life Alyx Chapter 1 Entanglement
Image from Fandom

The first Chapter, Entanglement, has little to no combat, but it’s a haven for achievement chasers! If you are a Half Life super-fan, you’ll remember that ‘Entanglement’ is also the name of Chapter 9A in Half Life 2. This chapter begins as Alyx starts her path to Russell after finding out that her father has been taken captive by the Combine.

The chapter is pretty straightforward; you’ll need to keep making your way through linear pathways until you reach Russell’s lab. This is the best chapter to get yourself acquainted with the mechanics of the game and adjust the movement controls to your liking.

After you move to the studio, from the terrace, you’ll find a snark in a glass jar. Feed the snark to unlock the Good Grub achievement.

Proceed as instructed, and you’ll find yourself in a playground. Sliding the red bucket down the slide will unlock the On a Roll achievement.

Three other achievements are up for grabs in this chapter as you meet up with Russell. You get Eye of the Geiger by putting the Geiger counter on Russell’s face after you meet him.

When Russell asks you for an object to represent yourself; pick up the miniature baseball character to unlock the Little Slugger achievement.

Catching the magazine mid-air when Russell throws it to you from the window unlocks the Mag-Snagger achievement, which is the last achievement of this chapter.

Hit and Run is an achievement you’ll get just proceeding with the story as you would.

Achievements in Chapter 1

  • Good Grub
  • Hit and Run
  • On a Roll
  • Eye of the Geiger
  • Little Slugger
  • Mag-Snagger

Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone

Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone
Image from Fandom

This chapter begins when you wake up on the train and continue the journey of finding Eli Vance! Chapter 2 has around six achievements up for grabs, which are mostly unmissable as they are storyline achievements and simple actions such as looting corpses and breaking supply crates for the first time.

Looting a corpse for ammo will get you the Dead Giveaway achievement while breaking open a supply crate with your hands gets you the Smash and Grab achievement.

Installing your first pistol upgrade from the upgrade station unlocks the Up in Arms achievement, and squeezing the headcrab heart when you meet the vortigaunt unlocks the Freshly Squeezed achievement.

The Quaranta Giorni and Sustenance are storyline achievements that unlock as you progress with the story.

Achievements in Chapter 2

  • Dead Giveaway
  • Quaranta Giorni
  • Smash and Grab
  • Up in Arms
  • Freshly Squeezed
  • Sustenance

Chapter 3: Is Or Will Be

Half Life Alyx Chapter 3: Is Or Will Be
Image from Fandom

After meeting the vortigaunt, you’ll be on your way from the underground route, and that’s when Chapter 3 will begin. Zombie with a shotgun, Xen Garden, and Off the Rails are all achievements that you get as you progress in the storyline.

You can get the Pro-Pain achievement after killing a grunt by shooting a gas tank next to him. You can get this achievement fairly easily after you engage in combat with the Combine.

Achievements in Chapter 3

  • Zombie with a Shotgun
  • Xen Garden
  • Pro-Pain
  • Off the Rails

Chapter 4: Superweapon

After causing the train crash, you will meet with Eli and the vortigaunt; This indicates the start of Chapter 4.

There are no specific action achievements in this chapter. Checking In is the storyline achievement of Chapter 4. However, there are a couple of instances in this chapter when you can get the Indirect Approach achievement which involves killing a Combine Heavy while its shield is up.

Achievements in Chapter 4

  • Checking In

Chapter 5: The Northern Star

Chapter 5: The Northern Star
Image from Fandom

This is the longest chapter in the game, and there are lots of achievements to unlock too. Chapter 5 starts when you enter the Northern Star Hotel.

If you are playing for the gnome achievement, make sure to pick the gnome from the outside, at the exit of the hotel.

All of the achievements of this chapter are storyline achievements that you cannot miss.

Achievements in Chapter 5

  • Xen Lootism
  • Heart-Breaker Hotel
  • Surface Tension
  • Unbonded
  • Cord-Cutter

Chapter 6: Arms Race

Chapter 6: Arms Race
Image from Fandom

When you reach the bottom of the elevator shaft, that’s when chapter 6 begins. There aren’t many achievements in Chapter 6. You can get the Blast from the Past achievement by blowing up the barrels in the explosive room after defusing all of the trip mines.

Achievements in Chapter 6

  • Blast From the Past

Chapter 7: Jeff

Entering the distillery starts this chapter. Most of the achievements in chapter 7 are based on tailing Jeff and making sure he’s not alerted. Towards the end of the chapter, you need to decide between getting the Flat Note or Sound Strategy achievement that you get after either killing or letting Jeff survive.

In the achievement breakdown below, I’ve mentioned a trick to get both of these achievements, keep reading on and find out!

Achievements in Chapter 7

  • Near-Jeff Experience
  • Crustacean Frustration
  • Hold Your Liquor
  • Flat Note
  • Sound Strategy

Chapter 8: Captivity

Escaping from the distillery and entering the cave starts chapter 8. You can get two achievements in this chapter. Bringing Russell a bottle of Vodka unlocks the Team Spirit achievement, while Sea Level is a storyline achievement that you get after you enter the aquatic exhibits area in the zoo.

Achievements in Chapter 8

  • Team Spirit
  • Sea Level

Chapter 9: Revelations

Chapter 9 has only one achievement, which is a storyline achievement. You begin this chapter by entering the sewer. Play the level as guided, and you get the Triple Bypass achievement at the end of the chapter when you unlock the door.

Achievements in Chapter 9

  • Triple Bypass

Chapter 10: Breaking and Entering

Chapter 10: Breaking and Entering
Image from Fandom

After unlocking the Triple Bypass achievement, Chapter 10 starts. Remember the garden gnome you picked up in Chapter 5? Well, bringing that gnome to the vault unlocks the Gnome Vault of my Own achievement. You earn High Water March and Textbook Jinxing storyline achievements after climbing the water tower and waking up the strider as part of the playthrough..

Achievements in Chapter 10:

  • High Water March
  • Textbook Jinxing
  • Gnome Vault of My Own

Chapter 11: Point Extraction

Chapter 11: Point Extraction
Image from Fandom

The final chapter of Half Life Alyx has two achievements, both of which are storyline achievements. You begin this chapter after being sucked into the vault. The name of this chapter is a reference to ‘Point Insertion’- which is Chapter 1 in Half Life 2.

Achievements in Chapter 11

  • Point Extraction
  • Consequences

Special Achievements

There are some achievements in Half Life Alyx that you can complete whenever you get the chance in the game. These include:

  • Gnome Alone
  • Mazel Tov
  • Indirect Approach
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Combine Harvester
  • Safe Trip

You will get detail on these achievements by going through the detailed achievement guide below. Let’s take a look at the achievements in Half Life Alyx and how you can get them.

Achievements Guide For Half Life Alyx

Half Life Alyx has around 42 Steam achievements. Some of which you unlock by progressing in the main storyline while for some achievements, you will have to perform certain out-of-the-story actions.

When you get all of the achievements for Half Life Alyx, you can regard yourself as the boss of the game and tell all of your friends that you completed the best VR game of all time with 100% completion!

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the achievements guide for Half Life Alyx. Oh wait, before we proceed to the achievements list, let me announce;


Note: The writer of this post and the website are not responsible for spoiling your Half Life Alyx experience. Make no mistake; there are spoilers ahead, and we don’t want any trouble from Half Life fanboys. You guys are already pretty angry about Half Life 3 not being announced, and I have no intention of being on the receiving end of your anger for spoiling Half Life Alyx. Continue reading at your own risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Now let’s get started, shall we?

Here are the achievements in Half Life Alyx:

1) Gnome Alone

Half Life Alyx Achievements Gnome Alone
Image from Fandom

You unlock this achievement by simply launching the game for the first time. Buy, download, install and launch Half Life Alyx from Steam VR. You’ll notice that you unlocked an achievement, “Gnome Alone” when you reach the main menu screen. This is one of the easiest achievement to unlock in the game. 

2) Good Grub

Half Life Alyx Achievements Good Grub
Image from Fandom

In Chapter 1: Entanglement, you will converse with Eli on a computer. After the chat, explore around the room, and you will see a snark in a glass tank. You will find some food next to the tank. Feed the snark as you would feed fish in an aquarium, and you’ll get this achievement!

3) Hit and Run

Half Life Alyx Achievements Hit And Run
Image from Fandom

In the same chapter, after you exit the Combine prisoner transport vehicle when it crashes, you’ll get this achievement. It is an inevitable achievement that is a part of the storyline, so you’ll unlock it as you progress in the first chapter.

4) On a Roll

Half Life Alyx Achievements On A Roll
Image from Fandom

Continuing in Chapter 1, you’ll find yourself in the playground. Explore the area and look for a red bucket. Pick up the bucket and let it roll down the slide. You’ll unlock the ‘On a Roll’ achievement.

5) Eye of the Geiger

Half Life Alyx Achievements Eye Of The Geiger
Image from Fandom

After you meet Russell, you will find a yellow-colored Geiger counter on the table. If you take the Geiger counter and put it on Russell’s face, this achievement will unlock. Although there are no dialogues or anything that follow after this action, but you’ll unlock the ‘Eye of the Geiger’ achievement.

6) Little Slugger

Half Life Alyx Achievements Little Slugger
Image from Fandom

When Russell asks you for an object to put in your minimap, go to Russell’s room, and you’ll find a Little League baseball player miniature figure. Give this object to Russell, and you will unlock this achievement.

7) Mag-Snagger

Half Life Alyx Achievements-mag-snagger
Image from Fandom

After you leave Russell’s room, he will throw a gun out the window for you. Catch it or not; it doesn’t really matter. But next, Russell will throw a magazine at you. You will need to catch the magazine mid-air to get this achievement. Don’t worry if you miss; just simply shoot all of the bullets, and he will throw you another magazine. Catching the next magazine also unlocks this achievement.

8) Dead Giveaway

Half Life Alyx Achievements Dead Giveaway
Image from Fandom

After you wake up on the train, starting Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone, loot the first corpse that you come across in front of the padlocked door to unlock this achievement.

9) Quaranta Giorni

Half Life Alyx Achievements Quaranta Giorni
Image from Fandom

Entering the Quarantine Zone unlocks this achievement; it is a storyline achievement that you get as you are progressing in Chapter 2.

10) Smash and Grab

Half Life Alyx Achievements Smash And Grab
Image from Fandom

When you climb the stairs in the Quarantine Zone, you will see a supply crate. Smash the crate and loot the ammo from it to unlock this achievement.

11) Up in Arms

Half Life Alyx Achievements Up In Arms
Image from Fandom

You get this achievement after installing your first pistol upgrade from an upgrade station. You don’t necessarily have to get the upgrade from the first station you encounter, and you can do it at any point in the game. The basic upgrade (Reflex Sight for the Pistol) costs around 10 resins.

12) Freshly Squeezed

Half Life Aalyx Achievements Freshly Squeezed
Image from Fandom

Grab a headcrab heart and press X or A on your Oculus Touch controllers to squeeze it to unlock this achievement. If you are on any other VR headset, then simply press the same buttons as you would to cook a grenade in the game.

13) Sustenance

Half Life Alyx Achievements Sustenance
Image from Fandom

As you progress in the storyline, a vortigaunt will throw a headcrab corpse at you for “sustenance.” After he does, you get this storyline achievement.

14) Zombie with a Shotgun

Half Life Alyx Achievements Zombie With A Shotgun
Image from Fandom

At the beginning of Chapter 3: Is Or Will Be, you will need to reach for a Shotgun on a zombie corpse. After collecting the Shotgun, this achievement will unlock.

15) Xen Garden

Half Life Alyx Achievements Xen Garden
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline, which you unlock when you enter the explosive Xen infestation area in Chapter 3.

16) Pro-Pain

Half Life Alyx Achievements Pro Pain
Image from Fandom

To get this achievement, you will need to kill a grunt by shooting a gas tank beside him. You will have a lot of opportunities to get this achievement throughout the game.

17) Off the Rails

Half Life Alyx Achievements Off The Rails
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline. You can unlock it after crashing the train to a full stop in Chapter 3.

18) Mazel Tov

Half Life Alyx Achievements Mazel Tov
Image from Fandom

Throughout the game, look for glass bottles. After smashing 50 glass bottles, you will earn this achievement.

19) Indirect Approach

Half Life Alyx Achievements Indirect Approach
Image from Fandom

To get the ‘Indirect Approach’ achievement, you will need to kill a combine while their shield is up.

20) Checking In

Half Life Alyx Achievements Checking In
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline, and you will unlock it at the end of Chapter 4 when you enter the Northern Star hotel through the window.

21) Xen Lootism

Half Life Alyx Achievements Xen Lootism
Image from Fandom

Along the main path in Chapter 5: The Northern Star, you will find many Xen grenades in Xen plants. You will need to rub the belly and grip the grenade when it’s loose to unlock this achievement.

22) Heart-Breaker Hotel

Half Life Alyx Achievements Heart Breaker Hotel
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline; you will unlock it when you turn on the hotel’s power by the electric headcrab’s heart in place of a battery.

23) Surface Tension

Half Life Alyx Achievements Surface Tension
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline; You will unlock it when you’re in the elevator in Northern Star hotel – escaping the underground pit.

24) Unbonded

Half Life Alyx Achievements Unbonded
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline; you will unlock it after you arm yourself with the SMG in Chapter 5.

25) Cord-Cutter

Half Life Alyx Achievements Cord Cutter
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline; You will unlock it when you shut down the substation in Chapter 5 after descending down the elevator to the surface.

26) Deadliest Catch

Half Life Alyx Achievements Deadliest Catch
Image from Fandom

To unlock this achievement, you will need to play with fire. Catch a grenade mid-air with your gravity gloves, and you’ll unlock the ‘Deadliest Catch’ achievement. Now, this achievement is one that I think is one to flex in front of your friends.

27) Combine Harvester

Half Life Alyx Achievements Combine Harvester
Image from Fandom

This is a fun achievement. To unlock ‘Combine Harvester’ (Punny name) – You need to loot an item from an alive Combine soldier. You can easily do that with your gravity gloves and unlock this achievement.

28) Safe Trip

Half Life Alyx Achievements Safe Trip
Image from Fandom

To unlock this achievement, you will need to hack a trip mine with your multitool.

29) Blast From the Past

Half Life Alyx Achievements Blast From The Past
Image from Fandom

In Chapter 6: Arms Race, defuse all of the tripmines then shoot the explosive barrels in the room to unlock this achievement.

30) Near-Jeff Experience

Half Life Alyx Achievements Near Jeff Experience
Image from Fandom

In Chapter 7: Jeff, stick close (but don’t glue yourself to him) for 10 seconds to unlock this achievement.

31) Crustacean Frustration

Half Life Alyx Achievements Crustacean Frustration
Image from Fandom

In Chapter 7, kill the annoying headcrab, which is causing destruction everywhere, to unlock this achievement.

32) Hold Your Liquor

Half Life Alyx Achievements Hold Your Liquor
Image from Fandom

Catch the liquor bottle in Chapter 7, which is about to fall from the cupboard that can alert Jeff. As soon as you catch the bottle, you will get this achievement. You might need to try it a couple of times before you will be able to perform it, so save often.

33) Flat Note

Half Life Alyx Achievements Flat Note
Image from Fandom

Kill Jeff after you trap him in Chapter 7 to unlock this achievement.

34) Sound Strategy

Half Life Alyx Achievements Sound Strategy
Image from Fandom

You’ll need to leave Jeff alive to get this achievement. How is it possible to unlock both achievement number 33 and 34?

Simple! Save your game when Jeff is trapped. Kill him to get the ‘Flat Note’ achievement, and then reload the save file to leave Jeff unharmed and get the ‘Sound Strategy’ achievement!

35) Team Spirit

Half Life Alyx Achievements Team Spirit
Image from Fandom

At the beginning of Chapter 8: Captivity, bring Russell a bottle of Vodka to unlock the ‘Team Spirit’ achievement.

36) Sea Level

Half Life Alyx Achievements Sea Level
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline which you will unlock when you reach the aquatic exhibits.

37) Triple Bypass

Half Life Alyx Achievements Triple Bypass
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline which unlocks when you solve the tanker yard’s electrical puzzle to escape at the end of Chapter 9: Revelations.

38) High Water March

Half Life Alyx Achievements High Water March
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline which unlocks when you walk into the water tower in Chapter 10: Breaking and Entering.

39) Textbook Jinxing

Half Life Alyx Achievements Textbook Linxing
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline which you unlock after the strider wakes up because of the elevator *Ding* in Chapter 10.

40) Gnome Vault of My Own

Half Life Alyx Achievements Gnome Vault Of My Own
Image from Fandom

You can unlock this achievement when you bring a garden gnome to the vault at the end of Chapter 10.

41) Point Extraction

Half Life Alyx Achievements Point Extraction
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline which unlocks after you get your hands on the superweapon

42) Consequences

Half Life Alyx Achievements Consequences
Image from Fandom

This achievement is a part of the storyline, which is making the last choice in the game. I will not reveal what it is (in order not to spoil the game for you), but you’ll unlock this achievement by making either choice.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Question: Is It Necessary to get all of the Achievements In Half Life Alyx?

Answer: In-game achievements don’t impact the story or gameplay of the game. If you are striving to complete the game 100%, then you need to get all of the achievements, but if you’re in it for the story and game experience, only then do you not need to run after unlocking every achievement.

Question: Do I Need to Complete all of the Achievements in One Playthrough?

Answer: No! That’s the best part of achievements – you can unlock them over multiple playthroughs and even reload saves if you fail at any point of getting an achievement. You can unlock some achievements in your first playthrough and strive for others in your next playthrough, and it won’t make a difference.

Question: Do I get Rewards for Completing Achievements?

Answer: Steam doesn’t provide any sort of rewards for completing achievements (unlike Xbox achievements). But you can flex these achievements on your steam profile, and they will be displayed to your steam friends.


Half Life Alyx is a phenomenal game and one of the best gaming experiences of this generation of gaming. I don’t know about you, but I made sure to savor each and every moment of my Half Life Alyx playthrough.

It’s a game that you can’t get enough of, which is why you need multiple playthroughs to enjoy the game to its fullest.

What better way to make the Half Life Alyx experience even better than by unlocking cool achievements and displaying them on your Steam profile!

There are around 42 achievements to unlock in Half Life Alyx, and you can unlock them by performing certain actions in your playthrough. They don’t require much effort, but they are permanently displayed on your profile to show everyone that you played this game to the max!

In this guide, I explained how you can unlock each and every achievement in Half Life Alyx, so what are you waiting for? Go get ’em, tiger!

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